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Cruise Parking FT Lauderdale has partnered with hotels and parking lots near both
entrances of PTE seaport to find parking options that will save you money. These partnerships
enable you to easily get to the airport without having to pay an arm and a leg.

PTE Cruiseport Parking
Parking for cruise passengers can be found in the Northport and Midport Parking Garages and
the Midport Surface Lot between Terminals 18 and 19. All public garages and surface lots on
Port premises:
Have security patrols
Have disabled parking with unhindered access to crosswalks and elevators.
Parking Fees
$3 for 0-1 hour
$6 for up to 5 hours. Then $1 per hour thereafter up to daily max
$15 daily max
$19 daily maximum for oversized vehicles (vehicles that require more than 1 parking
space). Please contact USA Parking at: 954-468-3680 for help and any questions with
oversized vehicle parking.
Northport Parking Garage
The Northport garage services:
Northport cruise terminals including Cruise Terminals 1, 2 & 4.
2,500 parking spaces (expanding soon to 4,250 spaces)
Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center
Entrance to the garage: Please turn south on Eisenhower Blvd. from 17th Street Causeway, or
come east on State Road 84, entering the Port and turning left at Eisenhower Blvd.
From I-595, go east straight into the Port, then please follow signs for Terminals #1, 2 & 4
and/or the Convention Center.

PTE Cruiseport Driving Directions
Port Everglades can be found in the heart of Broward County on the southeastern coast of the
Florida peninsula. The Port can be reached by car, taxi, bus and rail. You must provide proper ID
for those 18 and older. A state issued driver's license or passport will satify that and your
vehicle may be subject to search.
There are three entrances to Port Everglades:
17th Street Causeway, located at Eisenhower Boulevard
State Road 84, located just off of US 1
I-595 East

Port Everglades Accessibility:
Port Everglades can be easily reached by all major highways:
From I-95 north: take Exit #24 to I-595 East. Exit 12b, to Port Everglades.
From I-75 north or south: take Exit #19 to I-595 East. Exit 12b, to Port Everglades
From the Florida Turnpike north or south: take Exit #54 to I-595 East. Exit 12b, to Port
The 17th Street Causeway or State Road 84 entrances may be more convenient if you are
already in the Fort Lauderdale area. There are signs inside Port Everglades that will direct you to
parking garages and terminals.

Airport Transfers
The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is just a short distance away from Port
Everglades on U.S. 1 and is served by most major airlines. We suggest you permit at least 45
minutes between flight arrival and cruise check-in time to claim luggage and fill out documents
at the terminal. Miami International Airport is 30 minutes south of Port Everglades by taking I 95.

Hotel Transfers
Many local area hotels provide transportation between Port Everglades and the hotel for prebooked hotel reservations. Please contact your chosen hotel for details.

Broward County Transit (BCT)
Local buses have scheduled service stops at the Northport section of Port Everglades. For
schedules and details, call 954-357-8400 or visit Broward County Transit.

PTE Cruiseport Security
All visitors and cruise passengers must adhere to the following rules and regulations while
premises of Broward County’s Port Everglades:
All visitors are required to be invited guests of a specific Port Everglades business,
tenant or agency.
Visitors only have access the area specific to their port business. Visitors are not
permitted to roam through the Port at will.
Visitors need to present valid government-issued photo ID (such as a current driver’s
license or passport) and comply with random vehicle screening at the Security
Checkpoint upon arrival.
All visitors except for ticketed cruise passengers, need to obtain Visitor ID badge issued
by the Broward Sheriff’s Office at a checkpoint upon entry to the Port. The Visitor ID
Badge self-expires at 23:59 on the date issued.
Visitor ID badges must be worn on the upper, outer garment and clearly visible at all
At all checkpoints, visitors receive a placard that needs to be placed on driver’s side of
the dashboard – clearly visible – for inspection.
No unattended vehicles in “No Parking” zones, fire lanes or passenger drop-off areas.
Visitors going to a Restricted Access Area must display a Port-issued visitor badge.
Visitor will also be escorted at all times by an individual with a restricted access area
badge specific to that location.
Please be aware that while on Port Everglades property, all individuals are subject to
local, state and federal regulations.
Report any suspicious activity to Broward Sheriff’s Office at Port Everglades 954-7654511

For more information please visit

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