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California Drivers Ed Online
Driving a car is a complex and dangerous activity, which if not performed
skillfully and safely, can have tragic consequences.
We at West Coast Driving School are here to assist in your journey to becoming
skilled in the fundamentals of car control and defensive driving. Our lessons are
structured to progress a novice driver from simple to complex skills while
developing proficiency and confidence.

Our mission
Our mission is to help you reach your goal of earning a driving license and
through practice and experience, develop into a safe and skillful road user. We
also strive to be professional, courteous, and helpful from initial contact,
throughout the duration of lessons, and continuing after completion of our

Our Services:
Teen Driver (6 hour package) , Brush Up Lessons, DMV Drive Test, Online Driver
Ed, Adult Beginners, Senior Brush Up, Foreign Students

Why West Coast Driving School:
We pick up at home or school, 7 days per week from 8 am - 5:30 pm, Step by step
approach to learning skills, Dual controlled vehicle, we accept Cash, Check, Visa,
& MasterCard, One instructor to one student. Lessons are 2 hours each, Test
prep. & use of car for DMV road test, Reminder emails.

Online Drivers Education
West Coast Driving School has partnered to to provide
online driver education at a very affordable price of $19.99. Students are
encouraged to enroll and sign in using the forms on our website.

Why take our online course?
Take the course anywhere you have online access.
Completion certificate processed the same day as completion.

Audio narration is available to read the course aloud to you.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Pay only if you stay.

Behind the wheel course outline.
Driving lessons are structured in a step by step approach designed to progressively
build skills and confidence in the novice driver.

Instructor Bio & Employment
Positions Available For Experienced Driving Instructors
West Coast Driving School currently has openings for experienced driving
instructors with their own late model car with instructor brake and holds a
current instructor license. Must be willing to work in North Coastal San Diego
County. $30.00/hr.

West Coast Driving School Is Seeking Part Time
Office Help
Part time position available for office person to answer phone calls and
schedule driving lessons. Pleasant phone personality and some basic computer
skills required. $12.00/hr.

For more information please visit

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