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ur earth and solar system were created 78
trillion years ago. As soon as the earth was
ready, 144,000 ancestors came from another

star system, the star called Sirius that was worshipped by the
ancient Egyptians. They inhabited the earth after preparing
it by seeding it with plant and animal life. After about 7,000
years since their arrival, their population increased from
144,000 to one billion eight million (1b8m).

This number, 1b8m, is the most sacred number in

creation. It is the total number of original people who
inhabited the first earth of our universe countless trillions of
years ago. Thus every earth inhabited thereafter keeps this
number as their final and stable population. It was
determined to be the ideal number of people that can
inhabit a planet the size of earth in complete comfort,
without imposing on each other or on the natural resources,
as well as on the animals and plants. That enables
complete freedom of movement for all life on the planet,
and this is essential for peace, prosperity, and spiritual
growth (the gaining of knowledge).