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The reason why the number is specifically 1b8m is



The unified mind of the people, who were as One

described in the mathematics section of BlackRoots

Person, was so immense that the stars appeared to be the


size of atoms. As this Person was contemplating the

The first earth mentioned above, was created by the

universal sphere, he/she saw that it was adequate for

b8m original Gods from the stars of the previous universe.

habitation as a new earth, with all the stars being its atoms.

They had existed in that previous universe, toward its end,


along with trillions upon countless trillions of other people, in

corresponding to the size of the new earth, using some of its

a state of mind called divine unity, or the oneness of God. It

substance (the stars/atoms). Then he/she disconnected the

is a state of mind where all the people in the universe unite

magnetic connection to the old bodies and left them in the

as one. This One is God in truth, not the 'spirit' God of

old universe. The 1b8m Gods then descended upon the

modern religions.

new earth into the new bodies and became the first



When the trillions upon trillions of people at the end of









the previous universe were united as one, they experienced


an indescribable expansion of their minds, which were as

created in seven forms. In modern words these are

one mind. It expanded to such an extent that it not only

magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids, and solids.

circumscribed their entire universe, but exceeded its

The fourth substance, ether, is the central supporting

boundaries by an immeasurable extent. The One Mind, or

substance of the other six. It is the womb of creation called

God, became so large that the previous universe could no

space. It is black in color, as one can see by looking out into

longer contain him/her. He/she felt a need for a larger

space at night. This absolute blackness called space not

universe in which the experience of life would continue. The

only supports the other substances, but it also gives

trillions upon trillions of people, still united as one, then

individual color to all objects because the color black

decided to abandon that universe. They consciously left

contains all other colors in itself. Hence when the b8m

their perfected bodies and rose in mind far above the

original Gods made themselves new bodies, they clothed

universe. They then looked down on it and saw it as a small

them in skin whose color is black, getting it directly from the

sphere, the way our earth looks when seen from high above

ether. Because the Gods create all plants and animals from

in space.

their own bodies, they need to have all colors stored in a

The matter of every star and planet in the universe is

Now, the mind is always attached to the body. There is

single color in their creative germ, which is called the dark

no such thing as a mind without a body, as so-called

dominant germ or gene, the source of what modern

'spiritualists' would like us to believe. The mind can extend

people call melanin.

beyond the outer reaches of space, even expand infinitely,


but a magnetic attraction always attaches it to the physical

incarnated instantly in 1b8m bodies, as already said. Half of

body. The magnetic attraction dissipates at death, and the

them (504,000,000) were female and the other half were

mind and individual personality, or soul, then ascends. I will

male. Each pair of male/female Gods are called soul

discuss ascension at a later time.

mates. They always create in soul mate pairs, even when in


Upon arriving on the first earth, the One Mind of God