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large groups, because all creation has a male/female or

into 6 clans, and set 2 Chiefs, a man and a woman, as the

negative/positive principle (negative is not used in a

heads of each clan. The Chiefs chose 1,000 people each

derogatory sense, but as the complement of positive). The

and called them the 144,000 Judges. They sent them in soul

b8m original people then proceeded to instantly create

mate pairs all over the earth to set the foundations for

perfect plants and animals, called the original totems, from

72,000 cities. Each couple took about 14,000 people with

which all evolutionary life forms evolved.

them to establish their city.

They also

proceeded to create new stars and planets around the first


earth by condensing part of their expanded mind. After

established by the original Gods on the first earth. When

living on that first earth for more than a trillion years, they

other earths were completed and settlers sent to them, this

finalized the plans for the completion of a new, much larger

organization was repeated and remains as the divine form

universe. They then gave birth to their descendents, and


then passed out of life (ascended). Before passing, they

throughout the universe.

established the society of the Black Nation.


This was the basic organization of the Black Nation






The original Gods also established 7 great rituals of

They established it by withdrawing from or leaving their

initiation to be used by the leaders to elevate all new

divine unity, in which they had existed for over a trillion

people to divine unity. God's purpose for creating universe

years. They did this in order to be able to bring new life into

after universe is to increase himself/herself. Every person

the world, new persons who had never existed before, such

who completes the seven great rituals becomes full God,

as you and me. At the same time, in order to ensure the

exactly like the original people. At that moment of

continuity of eternity, these same b8m original Gods

completion, God rediscovers himself/herself anew, as if

continue to incarnate in the new people. They reside in the

he/she had never existed before. That is how God renews

unconscious part of the person's mind and are called the

himself/herself, thus overcoming the stagnancy that would

mind of God, or the divine gift of ancestral memory (or

be the case in an eternally all-knowing being who never

what modern people call the spirit of God). Thus every


Black person, even though he or she is born brand new, is


simultaneously one of the b8m original Gods. Only the

established many other rituals and customs covering every

personality is new. The spirit is old, even eternal.

area of science and life. They then initiated the leaders of


In addition to the 7 great rituals, the original people also

The b8m original people all withdrew from the divine

their descendents into this knowledge before passing. Their

unity except 24 people, 12 men and 12 women. They

initiation rituals have been faithfully transmitted from

became the Kings and Queens called the 24 Elders, who

generation to generation since the beginning.

are really 12 Gods or 12 soul mate couples. The 24 Elders are


called the custodians of divine unity.

uninterrupted for 78 trillion years, until 6,000 years ago, when











The 12 Gods chose 12 assistants each and called them

a certain God decided it was time for all the other Gods

the 144 Chiefs. The Gods divided the population into 12

(you and me) to experience that part of us contained in

tribes of 84 million people. They further divided each tribe

what is called the non-creative recessive light germ. He