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Robert Half Middle East Salary Guide 2015.pdf

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From the Senior
Managing Director
The speed of change sweeping across the
region is having a profound impact on
businesses. The economy is moving faster,
business is pushing ahead and companies
need the right people now – or even yesterday
– to capitalise on this momentum. This
speed is mirrored in the job market. Good
candidates are in strong demand and short
supply, and those with the most sought-after
skills and experience are being snapped up at
record pace.
With hiring having returned to, or even
exceeded pre-recessionary levels, businesses
are realising that the available talent pool
is shrinking, with the best candidates in
high demand and receiving job offers from
competing organisations. It is, therefore, crucial that the remuneration you offer is
competitive with other businesses in your industry and region.
The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide can help you secure and retain the industry’s top
talent. It includes the most up-to-date information and advice on remuneration,
benefits, workplace issues and the current hiring outlook, as well as a forecast for the
year ahead. We provide you with five guides in one, giving you information on hiring
within accounting and finance, financial services, technology, human resources and
administration and legal fields in one trusted source. We have also included information
on counteroffers, a pressing issue that companies tell us challenges their recruitment
efforts, and offer guidance on this topic on page 28.
For more remuneration and recruitment insights, visit our salary centre at

Ian Graves
Senior Managing Director, Continental Europe and Middle East

Robert Half • 2015 Salary Guide