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Austin Dating Coach
Something More is Austin’s leading boutique personal
matchmaking firm created for exceptional Austin Singles.
Founder Julia McCurley is the only Certified Matchmaker in
Austin as deemed by the internationally renowned
Matchmaking Institute. Our proprietary Expert Matching
System® combines executive recruiting methodologies with
traditional matchmaking intuition to ensure that our clients
receive a tailored search focused on their needs, desires and
requirements in a partner. If you are serious about finding someone exciting to share your life
with, fill out our quick contact form here and let Something More find the perfect match for
Austin Matchmaking Services for Executive Singles
As the premiere matchmaker in Austin, we offer our clients
exclusive memberships focused on fulfilling your needs and
desires. Enjoy the luxury of time by outsourcing the laborous
screening process to the experts at Something More. All
Memberships include the following features:
Work personally with Julia McCurley, Certified
Matchmaker and Relationship Expert
Absolutely discreet and confidential services
Extensive search for potential matches tailored to your specific requirements
Unique Matchmaking Approach per Matchmaking Institute best practices
Dedicated client services team available 24×7 including nights and weekends
One hour complimentary image consultation prior to first match
Detailed screening of potential matches in a one-on-one interview
Coordination of the first introduction experience of all matches
Date follow-up, feedback and advice after each match
Unlimited date coaching and confidential consultations
Proprietary membership guide created specifically for our clients

Austin Image Consulting Services
We all can use a little help in improving our image especially when dating.
Sign up for our Image Consulting Services to get started on putting your
best foot forward – $125.00/Hour or package of 4 one hour sessions
Do you feel confident in your appearance?
Are you making a unique personal and professional statement?
Do you know how to dress and act appropriately in a variety of situations?
Do others see you the way you see yourself?
Do you want to attract higher quality single women/men?
Would you like to get more business or a promotion – or keep your job secured?
Do you wish you had more confidence in social situations and on dates?
Your “image” is the way others see you. It is your personal brand, and it has a direct impact on
whether people want to begin a relationship with you, hire you, pay you the salary you want,
and whether or not they view you the way you view yourself. First impressions matter. You’ve
heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, but what
you may not realize is, first impressions are formed in less than six seconds. How you look, carry
yourself, interact with others, what you say, how you say it – all these things add up to your
Austin Matchmaking Reviews
At Something More our goal is to be in the last first date business. Here are testimonials from
many of our satisfied clients.
“Something More is exactly that…something more than your typical dating
expectations. I’ve tried online dating on and off a few times and never really
had much success. I continued to see the same guys on each site and a lot of
their profiles were very similar. Nothing stood out and I was in a cycle of
boring, interview-type dates. As a young, single professional in an amazing
city, Something More goes far beyond online dating or trying to meet
someone at a bar. They really take the time to get to know you, learn your
likes/dislikes, and find quality guys who line up with your expectations. Online
dating can be very misleading (and sometimes scary for a girl), so knowing
that the ladies at Something More have gone above and beyond to screen
these guys is very reassuring in the dating process. You get what you pay for!
Deanna was extremely organized with setting up the date. She helped me decide what to wear,
organized the time and location, notified me what my date was wearing, and was thorough
with following through the next day to see how it went! I highly recommend Something More if
you’re wanting caliber guys and valuable relationships.

For more information please visit

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