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Agricultural Products El Paso Texas
We mine and market high quality gypsum in large quantities for agricultural, industrial, and
pharmaceutical us in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

The CL Ranch mines and markets naturally occurring high purity (>92%) gypsum or calcium
sulfate dihydrate located on part of our ranch land. Our gypsum is appropriately processed to
suit many agricultural, cattle feeding and industrial applications.

About Us
The CL Ranch was founded in 1952 as a family enterprise focused on large scale farming
and ranching, while also developing investments in real estate, water and minerals.
Abundant underground water resources were discovered during oil and gas exploration in
the 1940's and 1950's in this region located 90 miles east of El Paso, Texas and just south of
the Otero Mesa in New Mexico, where renewed interest and success in oil and gas
discoveries is occuring today.

West Texas Gypsum Mining
Natural High-Purity Gypsum in Abundant Quantity Available for Agricultural & Industrial Use.
Ready to Ship. We mine and market high purity gypsum products to agriculture and industrial
markets in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Agricultural Uses for Gypsum
Gypsum from the CL Ranch spreads smoothly, adding balance to soils and plants.When surface
applied (high purity) Gypsum interacts with water, it releases ELECTROLYTES that reduce
crusting and clodding, leaving top soil more porous and supportive of root growth. Soil pores
plug quickly when crusted, blocking water infiltration. Gypsum can solve that problem, while
adding much needed calcium and sulfate to your land.

Soils with high SODIUM content can be managed through the addition of gypsum. The sodium
ions resident in the soil structure and on plant root surfaces are naturally attracted to the
sulfate in gypsum. The attraction of sodium ions to the sulfate in gypsum is so great that the
sulfate in gypsum separates from the calcium in the gypsum to form sodium sulfate, a very
soluble and mobile compound. The newly-formed sodium sulfate moves by gravity with crop
water beyond the root zone. Since the sulfate in gypsum is now gone, only gypsum's very
soluble calcium is left behind at the root zone and in the soil structure for plant uptake to
benefit crops.
Soils with high CLAY content also benefit from gypsum applications. The calcium ions in gypsum
act to loosen clay soils by using natural chemical polarity of gypsum against clay soil structures.
You might like to think of this reaction as similar to that which one gets when trying to place
two north pole magnets together...the two magnets push each other apart. Gypsum does the
same thing in soils and this helps facilitate better water penetration and aerobic soil structure,
which allow more efficient use of water and fertilizers.

Industrial Uses for Gypsum
NATURAL GYPSUM is suitable for use in numerous industrial processes; Portland cement,
plaster, and fertilizer manufacturing, to name a few.
Portland cement: Portland Cements typically use 3 to 5 percent gypsum in finish milling to
contol setting action of otherwise highly reactive clinker.
Plaster: Plaster in its simplist form is calcined (cooked) gypsum or Plaster Of Paris. Drywall is
principally made from calcined gypsum. CL Ranch gypsum quality is suitable for many forms of
plaster manufacturing.
Fertilizers: Gypsum is often added to fertilizers as a calcium or sulfur source. CL Ranch gypsum
has about 21% calcium and 17% sulfur content. Gypsum is also used as filler in many industrial
products. Gypsum is used simply to add bulk and density to more expensive products needing
additional density or bulking.

For more information please visit

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