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American Marine Coverings
Welcome to American Marine Coverings, also known as American-Marine
Canvas & Upholstery, the originator of the world-famous “Bimini Top”.
Established in 1922, serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, south Florida,
Mexico and the Caribbean, American-Marine is proud of its specialized
custom-made canvas and upholstery. We also export all types of fabric,
marine parts and fittings around the globe.


We make covers for anything and everything, including bbq/grill covers, table
covers, jacuzzi covers, bar covers, engine covers, seat covers, console covers, helm
station covers, windlass covers, anything we can take a pattern of, we can make a
cover for!

Boat Mats

Boat Mats also known as non-slip mats, marine mats, step pads, or boarding
pads, Right here in sunny Miami, we hand-make beautiful boat mats out of longlasting, durable Sunbrella marine fabric (available in 73 colors), each one
measuring 38 ½ inches x 17 ½ inches. The mat simply lies over the gunwale
and is secured by a rubber gripper on the bottom (non-slip). Each mat is triplelayered with Sunbrella fabric on the top, ½ inch foam in the middle, and nonslip fabric on the bottom, with sand-weights on each end

The Bimini Top – Originated by American Marine

We create custom solutions for every marine canvas and vinyl boat bimini. We will
make any size stainless steel and aluminum biminis. Most biminis are
constructed using 7/8ths (aluminum or stainless steel.) For the bigger biminis,
we use 1″ to 1.5″ stainless steel 316. The majority of biminis we manufacture use
Sunbrella marine fabric. We can also use marine-grade vinyl for binimi tops,
either Weblon or Stamoid vinyl.

Address: 1065 SE 9th Court, Hialeah, MIAMI,
FL 33010
Phone: (305) 889-5355
Fax: (305) 889-2044

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