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Commercial Architecture Mill Valley CA
Alex Riley Associates has designed more than 220 residential and commercial
projects on some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging sites in
America: the Napa Valley, Lopez Island, Sedona, Tucson, the Berkeley and
Oakland Hills, and Stinson Beach, to name a few.
After several years with Callister and Payne of Tiburon, he formed Alex Riley
Associates of Inverness, California and eventually opened a second office in
the Napa Valley. His associate, Onju Updegrave, has a Masters in Architecture
from the University of California at Berkeley, has designed and built in Asia as
well as the United States, and has extensive experience in both residential as
well as commercial design and refurbishment. Alex Riley is also associated
with Tonkin/hoyne lokan, Architecture and Urban Design of Seattle.

Napa Architect Services

From Napa Valley to Asia and Sedona to Tucson, Alex Riley Associates has worked on
hundreds of residential and commercial projects and kept each project’s design in
harmony with its environment. By choosing Alex Riley Associates, you will be joining a
team that will help you choose the best possible location for your specific project.

Organic Architecture is based upon a
fundamental respect for site-specific form,
function and material resulting in a design
solution in perfect harmony with the
environment. This architecture is deeply
embedded in the particular: client, designer,
time, site and region. It eschews mimicry of
overwrought, conventional styles, shock value,
pastiche elements, and superfluous
ornamentation. The result is a powerful,
graceful solution to the complex equation of the
principles of nature and the distinctive
character of the client, a unique structure
carefully designed for living, growing, thriving.

Project Gallery

Private residence guest house, Tucson Arizona, overlooking the Sonora Desert to
Mexico. Featured in Architectural Digest Top 100 Architects of the World, gunnite and

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