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Court Reporting New York City
Deitz Nationwide Court Reporting powered by DepositionNet is Metro New York’s only choice for
superior court reporting. Although we specialize in the New York and Long Island markets our
services are available from coast to coast covering all 50 states.
Sustaining consistent growth, our agency is now Metro New York’s fastest growing and most widely
respected court reporting service. The Deitz Court Reporting team has extensive experience in a
wide array of different situations and are extremely well-versed in court reporting and litigation
Working with only experienced professionals and always on the cutting edge of technology, our
agency is committed to delivering accountable services to clients with a platform that makes sense.
We both meet and exceed expectations due to our focused efforts to understand client needs while
developing programs around their requirements.

About us
Mark I. Hoorwitz, MBA has over three decades of marketing experience, including clients on the
Fortune 150. In partnership with Deitz Court Reporting for twenty years, Mark has led the agency
to attain consistent growth—focusing on accountability and programs adapted to client needs.

Leading technological and market changes, Mark Hoorwitz seamlessly shapes Metro New York and
Long Island’s top court reporting service provider. Inventing, developing and implementing
DepositionNet has been Mark’s cornerstone achievement. Professionalism and pride characterize
his leadership, with an engrained emphasis on providing personalized service by anticipating and
meeting our clients’ needs.

Court Reporting Specialists
Deitz Court Reporting has developed and maintains a strong staff of professional
court reporters to meet and exceed your expectations for verbatim

Real Time & LiveNote
Our real-time capability allows instantaneous access to the court reporter
record, transmitted across the table or across the country.

Interpreters & Translation Services
When scheduling your examination before trial, we ensure that you will be
provided with a competent and experienced interpreter alongside your court

Videography Services & Video Conference Facilities
With our video support, you can now capture not only the written word but the
visual experience as well.

Audio/Video Transcription and Typing Services
Deitz Court Reporting provides transcription services to augment your secretarial staff. Specializing
in legal and business related transcription, we can provide an array of typing and transcription
services for your audio and video tapes and digital files.

For more information please visit

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