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Gonzo Bags USA
You can trust the revolutionary smell proof Gonzo Bag to safely store and totally eliminate
odor emissions from whatever you have stored inside the bag. The unique design,
combining an activated charcoal filter with a double walled bag and reusable enclosure will
allow you to store many odoriferous substances, such as food, diapers, dog poop bags,
herbs, and any smelly organic materials that you don't want to smell for weeks or months.
You can use it to store food and keep it safe from bears and other animals while camping.
You can put your used dog poop bags in it and carry them in your car to a disposal site
without smelling poop. You can store and ship smelly items without fear of alarming odors
or leaks. Even a dog can't smell what's inside! It has been tested and proven effective by
Gonzo, a Malamute mix with a very large, sensitive nose!

Gonzo Bags are smelling proof bags. Made in Humboldt County, USA of high quality, four
mil thick polyethylene bags and industrial quality activated charcoal impregnated foam.
This is the same type of filter used to scrub organic chemicals from contaminated air, purify
water in aquariums, and many other situations where toxic or undesirable chemicals need
to be eliminated. The SMELL PROOF Bag is guaranteed to eliminate odors or your money

About us
The odor eliminating Gonzo Bag was invented by Jeff Poel, an environmental scientist with
over 25 years experience and a Master's Degree in Toxicology from Oregon State
University, 1996, with input from Brandon Roberts. Jeff is a life long surfer and SCUBA
diver who still goes out on the big days and Brandon is an accomplished kite
boarder/instructor who loves flying on and over the water. Both men, are of course, dog
lovers and like to hang out with The Great Gonzorhelli (Gonzo for short) whether working
or playing in the cold and foggy, but beautiful Pacific Northwest. Gonzo is a 10 year old
Malamute/Miniature Bull Terrier/Shar Pei mix who doesn't particularly like water, but
revels in anything stinky (dead, rotting seal carcasses are a favorite find of his on the
beach). He is happy doing nothing more than simply being with his master and best friend.
And perhaps chasing the neighborhood cats, but we didn't tell you that.

The Gonzo Bag Large
The Smell Proof Gonzo Bag! For only $53.95 (large bag), $36.95 (medium bag) and $26.95
(small bag) + shipping and handling you get peace of mind. Even a dog can't smell what's
inside! Bag dimensions are 12 inches wide by 24 inches tall when sealed for a large bag that
holds up to 2.0 pounds and 11 inches wide and 8 inches tall for the medium bag. Volume is
approximately 3 liters for the large bag and 1/2 liter (1/4 lb) for the medium bag. The
small bag is 7 inches square and holds 1/4 liter (1.0 oz). The XL Custom Bag ($119.95 +
shipping and handling) measures 18 inches wide by 30 inches long and can hold up to 6

The Gonzo Bag Large
You can use the Gonzo Bag® to store odoriferous material for up
to six months without fear of any detectable odor escaping the
bag. The Gonzo Bag® can be used while wilderness camping to
store food and keep bears, raccoons, and other animals from
finding it. You can use it to keep used dog poop bags odor free in
your car until you get them to a trash receptacle. The Gonzo
Bag® has many uses and is reusable – think of your own!

The revolutionary Gonzo Bag was created by an environmental scientist and a marketing
design expert to make the storage and transport of almost any odoriferous substance a
totally "smell free" experience. It utilizes a patent pending double-walled bag sandwich
design with a layer of activated charcoal media in between the bags.
The activated charcoal media will absorb 100% of any organic molecules that seep through
the inner bag and trap them before they can escape to the atmosphere, where people, a
dog, a bear, or any animal can smell them. Many people think that merely vacuum sealing
items in Foodsaver or Seal-A-Meal bag will completely contain odors.

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