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Hog Traps for Sale
Voorhies Outdoor Products, LLC began as a part time business/ hobby in 2006. Providing local
farm, ranch and hardware stores in Central Texas with manufactured products such as hog traps,
hog gates, deer stands and firewood racks. From there we have expanded to supply products in
over 15 states in the U.S. and Hawaii. We continue to expand our manufactured product line to meet
the needs of our distributors as well as adding products from other manufactures to meet the need
of the consumer.
Our hog trap offers a great balance of strength and
portability. Strong enough to hold the largest hogs
yet light enough to be loaded and unloaded by one
person. It fits easily into the bed of a truck. Three
individual root type doors offer simple, efficient and
continuous trapping with no trip wires to set. The
portable trap allows you to relocate quickly as the
hogs move on your property.
Material- 1.5" x 1.5" x .125" steel angle
6 gauge 4" x 4" welded wire mesh panel
3' h x 4' w x 8' l dimensions
3 individually hinged root type doors
185 lbs.
All welded construction

Hog Gate
Our trapping gate allows you to build traps of any size. Incorporate into
existing feeder pens to trap and remove hogs from your property. Our
Hog gate is a free standing frame that contains three individual root type
doors that require no trip wires or latches so the trap is always set and
always trapping. Feeder pens or just feeder setups make excellent
locations if hogs are already visiting. Keeping hogs out with feeder pens
does nothing for the rising population on your property. Placing a gate in
your feeder pen will give you the opportunity to remove the hogs. The only way to control the
population and protect your property from damage and your game feed being lost to hogs.

Whether you add to a existing feeder pen or build a pen on your property the Hog Gate will give you
the ability to catch large numbers of hogs at once.

Proven Feral Hog Control
With the vast number of wild hogs in the U.S. on the rise, and costs to plant and maintain crops
increasing, the need for protecting properties from devastating destruction becomes more than just
a concern - it is a reality.

Trapping has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method used in the attempt to
control the rising number of hogs.
We at Voorhies Outdoor Products offer simple, well made products at an affordable price to assist
with the prevention of crop and property destruction that accompany the growing hog population.
We stand behind our products and take great pride in the quality and simplicity our products have
to offer.
We also carry a line of LED lighting made especially for night-time game observation or hog
hunting, including bow and rifle mounted lights with rechargeable batteries.

Hog Lights, Feeder Lights
Super strong illumitacks reusable magnetic LED Feeder light system
for hogs, coons, and other varmint hunting after dark where
permitted by law. Will not spook game! Also works great for
marking blood trails or finding your way into a new hunting area by
putting the lights out the day before and going in the next morning!
(Kit contains 10 solid green weatherproof illumitack magnetic LED
lights.) Batteries are included and are easily replaceable.

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