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Horse Insurance
At LCI we offer horse insurance quotes, equine health insurance, horse farm insurance, horse
and pony insurance, horse insurance for older horses, horse stable insurance, bhs horse
insurance, horse trainer insurance, riding instructor insurance. We are a top rated Horse
Insurance company. Our services include horse insurance, riding
club insurance, carriage ride insurance, trail ride insurance, pony ride
insurance, outfitter, farrier insurance and more.
Our knowledgeable agents are able to fit any special needs that you might
have and create a unique horse insurance policy. We offer free quotes for
any type of horse, regardless of breed or use.
We have several top rated companies, including Lloyd’s of London, available to meet your
insurance needs. We work with companies that will insure your home, horse, barn, farm
equipment and other related items. Take some time to review the many types of coverage that
we offer.

About Us
LCI Equine Insurance is staffed with agents that are horse owners and fellow competitors, so
we know the hazards that your horse faces in his daily routine.
We also realize that you can not replace the time, love or affection that you have for your
animal, but you can protect your financial investment in case of a loss!

Basic Horse Insurance Coverage
The policy provides you with coverage in the event of the death of your insured animal as a
result of injury, illness, humane destruction, transportation and/or theft, per policy wording.
Some base policies may also provide Free Emergency Colic Surgery Expense, depending on the
breed & use of the animal.

The basis of her riding skills originated from showing in snaffle bit and equitation classes many
years as a young girl.
Lyndia has been an insurance agent for many years and specialized in insurance for horses and
horse owners.

Horse Insurance for Liability
Horse Owners Liability:
This policy covers you in the event your horse injures a third party or damages their property.
This provides coverage for defense fees, as well as pays claims made against you for which you
are legally liable during the policy period.
Commercial Equine Liability:
This coverage is very important if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as
boarding, instruction, training, breeding, etc.
Coverage is provided if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property is
Coverage limits available in $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 amounts with double aggregates
The policy covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the policy

Care Custody and Control:
Consider this coverage if you board, train or breed horses for others.
If a non-owned horse is injured or dies while in you care and you are found negligent, this
policy will provide for the horse's medical care or replacement cost up to the policy limits.
Defense costs are also covered.
Trailering is automatically included in this coverage for up to a 100 mile radius from your
Additional transit coverage for the continental U.S and Canada is available.
Annual premium starts at $200.

Special Liability Insurance
Riding clubs and associations wishing to protect themselves can obtain liability coverage with a
clubs and associations policy.
The basic policy provides coverage for up to seven event days, with coverage for additional
days available.
This coverage helps to protect your group if you are faced with a lawsuit by a third party.
Defense fees as well as claims for property damage and/or bodily injury are covered.
Coverage limits are available in $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 amounts, with double
aggregates available.

Independent Horse Shows and Events:
Liability coverage is available for a single horse show or equestrian event.
The same policy limits as above are available.
Coverage is provided for the actual event days and can include a day for both set up and take

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