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Pharmacist License Board Defense Houston
Pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmacy technicians are professionals at the intersection of
medicine, insurance, and direct care. In order to be licensed, a pharmacist must earn the required
pharmacy degree, pass two professional licensure exams, and complete at least 1500 hours of
internship. A license that valuable should be treated with utmost care. If your pharmacist,
pharmacy, or pharmacy technician license is being impacted by a complaint, a recent criminal
event, or any other complication, you deserve strong representation before the Texas State Board
of Pharmacy Disciplinary Panel. Foster Law attorneys are well-versed in negotiations that may
prevent the necessity of a hearing or formal proceeding. If necessary to appear formally before the
Board, we are skilled at presenting your case so as to protect your license, and the livelihood it
Likewise, if the TSBP denies your application for initial license or for renewal, it is advisable to
retain counsel to request reconsideration of the denial. Regardless of the reason, successfully
addressing license denials is critical to a lifetime career as a pharmacist, and Foster Law can help
you achieve your professional goals despite any challenges by the Board.
When dealing with licensure issues at the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, you probably have more
options than you know. Informal settlement, conditional licenses, provisional licenses, and agreed
negotiated resolutions, all can take the place of a formal disposition and permanent black mark on
your professional record. Call Foster Law to discuss your options with experienced Administrative
Law attorneys.

About Foster Law
Mark Foster left state government in 1990 in order to represent businesses and individuals before
regulatory agencies and licensing boards. He has been Board Certified in Administrative Law by
the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1990, and has over 30 years' experience practicing
Administrative Law in various capacities, including as Administrative Law Judge, state agency
counsel and hearings examiner.

Mark has experience representing clients in contested case hearings, rulemaking, appeals of
agency decisions to appropriate courts, settlement negotiations, open records requests, open
meetings compliance and declaratory judgment actions against government agencies.

Mark's skills have been further enhanced through service as an Administrative Law Judge and
hearings examiner for the Texas Medical Board, the Structural Pest Control Board, the Texas Health
Facilities Commission and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. As a lobbyist before
the Texas Legislature, Mark has used his administrative law background and reputation to enhance
legislators' understanding of complex regulatory issues.
At the heart of successful public policy work is a network of relationships. Mark Foster has been a visible
presence within the Austin legal community for over thirty years. In that time, he has developed legislative and
administrative relationships in many different areas, from the Texas State Capitol to state agencies to private
regulated professionals and businesses. Mr. Foster has lobbied for various interests, such as trucking
deregulation, electric utility competition, nursing home administrators and telecommunications.

Public Utilities Law
FosterLaw provides effective representation in the electric utility, gas utility and alternative energy
fields. For more than 20 years, founder and lead attorney Mark Foster has offered skillful
representation to all stakeholders in utility issues, from landowners to competitive retail electric
providers. Mark served as Special Counsel to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, where he
provided legal guidance to the commissioners and executive director regarding utility regulation
and administrative law matters. He also headed the Railroad Commission's legal division for the
section devoted to gas utilities and liquefied petroleum gas.
Foster Law has the experience, skills and resources to provide legal support for clients in many
situations, such as the following:
State Commission certification and regulatory compliance
Negotiation of vendor agreements
Evaluation of franchise agreements
Negotiation of power supply and energy agreements
Preparation of agency/marketer agreements

Representing Retail Electric Providers in Texas
Retail electric providers (REPs) sell energy to customers throughout Texas, where the sale of
electricity is open to retail competition. A REP needs proper certification in order to buy wholesale
electricity, set electricity prices for customers and ultimately sell the electricity to retail customers.
Foster Law helps REPs become compliant and gain the license and certification needed to
competitively sell electric energy. The firm is also available to represent REPs facing audits or
enforcement action before the Public Utility Commission.

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