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Process Server in Austin
Law Firms no longer need to use their own resources to manage the delivery of court process. Our
business model shifts the duties of contacting the process server, negotiating price, following up, issuing
payment, tracking the return, and delivering the return of service from the Law Firm to Process Once.

Cost Benefits with Our Model
20% Decrease In Overall Cost
35% Increase In Staff Production
65% Improvement In Turnaround Time
Flat Rate Price In U.S. And Canada

Service Benefits With Our Model
Unlimited Service Attempts
Prescreened Servers
Portfolio Manager
Performance Reporting
Substitute Service Preparation
Type Written Returns
Defendant Location
Electronic Filings
And Much More!

What Is Service Of
SERVICE OF PROCESS is the procedure
by which a party to a lawsuit gives an
appropriate notice of initial legal
action to another party (such as a
defendant), court, or administrative
body in an effort to exercise
jurisdiction over that person so as to
enable that person to respond to the
proceeding before the court, body, or
other tribunal. Notice is furnished by
delivering a set of court documents
(called "process") to the person to be

Professional Returns

Inmate Service
Do not be a victim to the legal
gap which exists when
attempting to serve court
process to inmates! We have
the proper procedures and
affidavits to ensure the court
accepts the serve - the FIRST

We use the returns provided
by the courts. Affidavits of
Service outside what the court
requires is a waste of time and

How It all Began
It started in Carrollton
Our story begins in a suburb of Dallas TX called Carrollton which a small notary service added civil
process servers to the list of items offered to the community. Business was so good, a decision was made
to expand and include process servers in Dallas and Fort Worth. An emphasis was made to change how
family court process is served in both communities by ensuring an element of concern was given to
children which may have been impacted. The response was great and four of our core clients are based in
the Northern Communities.

It expanded to Austin
Before long our networking and operating with a strong work ethic the certified process servers of
Austin were anxious to join the team. By sifting out those with questionable moral turpitude, soon a
family of process servers from El Campo, through Houston were coming together, along with several
attorney firms. The vision was almost ready to be released. The industry was ready for a change, a new
way to manage the service of process and enable a process server in Bay City all the way to El Paso start
to have dependable work load to trust in. And then it hit

Two law firms believed
It happened overnight and unexpectedly, from Mesa Arizona we landed a client who fully embraced the
new vision, and fully transferred the responsibility for the management of process servers Nationwide to
Process Once. And then a second join from south Texas. Each one showing an increase in production, a
decrease in cost, and finally a partner to work with directly for all the service of court process.

And now
Court Process from Houston, San Antonio, to Austin up to Dallas and around the globe can be delivered
using certified civil process servers in Texas, the US, and Canada...join our clientele and know why "One
Call and Done" can be the four best words to create cost savings and production.

For more information please visit

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