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Souris River Canoes

For 30 years, Souris River Canoes has been perfecting the
creation of wilderness tripping canoes made with duPont™
KEVLAR® fibre. We believe we have the best composite canoes
on the market. There are many reasons to choose a Souris

Souris River Advantage

There are many intangible reasons why we are proud of our canoes.
Like 25 years of ongoing research and development. Like the fact
that almost all of our employees have been with us over seven
years, and many have been here over ten. Like the fact that our
builders are also paddlers, or that outfitters buy our canoes because
they need repairs far less often than other brands.
Here are fifteen very tangible reasons why our canoes are superior.
Take this list to our competitors and compare. You might find other
canoes that share some of our features, but you won’t find any other
canoe that has all of them.

Hauling your Canoe Without a Roof Rack

If you don't have a roof rack on your car, you can still safely and easily
haul your Souris River canoe. Rain gutters are not necessary. Foam
pads and straps can be purchased from most outdoor stores, or from
us when you order your canoe. The following pictures show how you
can quickly use them to fasten your canoe securely to the smallest car
This photo shows a car loaded and ready to go. Twelve foot straps are
long enough for most applications. The straps go around the canoe
directly above the pads, and through the car. Straps are preferred over
ropes, as they stay tighter, and fit through the door openings more

Proper Canoe Lifting Technique

Proper canoe lifting is all about style, not strength. Anyone over twelve
who can stand on their own two feet should be able to hoist a KEVLAR®
canoe on their shoulders. The Red Rock Wilderness Store website has a
thorough step-by-step tutorial on proper lifting. Review it, and practice a
few times on your front lawn; you’ll be good to go for your next canoe
Note that most people will have a preferred side to lift from. It may not
make much of a difference lifting a carbon-fibre Quetico 16, but will be
come noticeable when you try to shoulder a three-seat Quetico 18.5.
Find your best side, and remember to use it.

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