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Tech Support Los Angeles

Welcome to a new breed of tech company At FIVESTAR IT, we empower
you with friendly, patient, helpful, knowledgeable experts. We
speak in simple to understand terms. We understand your needs and
general frustrations with technology.

Fivestar IT Technology Consulting Services

If you are looking to upgrade your systems, move everyone in your organization
to a new mobile phone, software, or hardware solution.... Fivestar IT can help!
From upgrading your small office to a complete switch in corporate platforms
and software systems, we can advise you and do the research you need to make
sure you get the solution you desire. We already work with every platform, most
software titles, and we understand hardware and it's purpose. Our experience
with other companies means we know about many of the solutions that exist,
and can advise you on other options or confirm your decisions before you make
that critical choice. Don't overspend or underspend when making a change, call
us first for a complete custom evaluation!

Fivestar IT Gadget Setup and Training

At Fivestar IT, we play with almost new gadget on the market as part of our every
day lives. If you need help setting up anything, from specialty mobile phones like
the Android, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry to video products like the SlingBox and
Media Players or any other tech gadget we can help!
And we are always ready to learn about a gadget we haven't played with. So if
you've got a gadget, we'll make it work the way you want it to.

Computer Support

Below we've included some interesting information on the work Computer
Support Specialists and Systems Administrators perform from the Bureau of Labor
Statistics. At Fivestar IT, we do it all for you so you don't have to have an internal
employee handle these things for you. Anyone can benefit from our experience
working with many other industries, professionals, and technologies as well which
gives us a clear advantage over having an in house computer support team.

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