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Transportation Company Galveston TX .pdf

Nom original: Transportation Company Galveston TX.pdf
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Transportation Company Galveston TX
We aim to provide effective transportation from the origin point of your load to its destination every time.
We are an efficient logistics company for any and all types of freight. We can move oversized cargo, such
as oilfield tools and equipment, pipe and down hole tools, average to smaller sized cargo, such as
paperwork, boxes and pallets. You name it, we can move it.

We provide free, accurate quotes and competitive pricing. Quotes depend on the size and type of your
load, as well as the origin, destination and any special handling requests.
In 1990, this family owned company began as an established industrial construction company. In 2011,
AED started expanding delivery services to customers in the oil and gas refining business. Soon enough,
we branched out to better serve all our customers and today we offer delivery services nationwide.
Advanced Express Delivery is ready to help you ship your freight across town or across the country. We’re
dedicated to providing our nationwide delivery service customers with the same great service that we
provided our construction clients with. If you need something delivered, we can find a way to move it.
Give us a call today to receive your free quote!

Trucking Services
After years in the transportation business, we have experience hauling freight for the natural gas industry, oil
field operations, construction sites, and more. What makes AED unique is the fact that we’ll ship anything! No
matter how big or how small - from Cat engines to cardboard boxes, from oversized equipment to official
paperwork - we can deliver it for you.

Trucking Transportation Services

If you need something delivered, we can move it. We haul almost anything – no matter how big or how small, no matter
how heavy or unusual, we can find a way to pick up, move and deliver your heavy equipment and other freight. We
provide: Trucks and vans for smaller freight Stake bed service, for up to 6,000lbs 30 footers, for up to 10,000lbs 40
footers, for up to 22,000lbs 18 wheelers, flat beds, available to carry up to 48,000lbs Heavy Hauls in excess of 100 tons.

At Advanced Express Delivery, we hire experienced, professional drivers who have maintained a clean
driving record, and who can pass a drug test. Our drivers are experienced in delivering: Oversized freight
Drilling and other heavy equipment LTL, or less-than-truckload, freight FTL, or full truck load, freight and

Scheduled or Hot Shot Deliveries

When you schedule a delivery with Advanced Express Delivery, we aim to provide you with on time and
reliable delivery services every time. If you find yourself in need of immediate delivery and you don’t have
a scheduled appointment, look no further than AED. We specialize in short/no notice deliveries.
Remember, when you need to ship an oversized load, heavy equipment, or almost anything else, AED can
help. We can find solutions to your shipment dilemmas and get your freight shipped fast and affordably.
AED has the experience you want, and the wide range of transportation options you need to accommodate
deliveries of all shapes and sizes. If you have questions about our transportation services, or if you need to
schedule transportation today, give us a call at 832-372-9284 for help and a free quote.

For more information please visit

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