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Kato Dio Town & UNITRACK Buildings List.

Initially Dio Town Was Designed For Use With The UNITRACK Double-Track Plate &
Elevated Double Track Systems, But It’s Been Extremely Popular Since It’s
Release With All Sorts Of Modellers. The New Dio Town Series Of Systemised Layout
Materials Can Be Used With All Styles Of UNITRACK Just As Quickly & Easily!
Dio Town Uses The Common 248mm (9¾”) Length Of Key UNITRACK Items. Dio
Town Enables Representation Of Roadways And Other Landscape Which Can Be
Placed Alongside UNITRACK To Form A Complete “Diorama Town” Scene With Kato
Structures, Figures & Cars, Etc, All Listed Here!!
Pieces Of The Dio Town Series Can Be Used Separately As A Display Base Or In
Combination To Make A Temporary Floor Layout Or Permanent Fixed Layout.

This List Now Includes The Kato UNITRACK Stations, Buildings & Platforms.

23-411 & 23-125

23-411 & 23-127 or 23-211

23-411 Contains (10 Pcs) 5 Full Road Sections @ L 248 x W 220 mm Designed To Fit In Front Of 23-125, 23-126 &23-211
Stations. Road Sections Include 1 x T Junction, 1 x Bus Station, 2 x Taxi Ranks, 1 x Left Hand Turning With Filter Lane
& The Plaza Section.


Station Area Road Plates.


23-416 Provides All Parts For 23-411 Including Traffic Lights, Bus Station Canopies, Taxi Rank Canopies, Street Lights,
Plaza Lights & Clock & All Railings, Road signs & Stickers (Japanese Text).


Station Area Scenery Detail Pack.

Nov 07
All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
www. MGSharp.com
Post & Packing From £3.75 Per Order.
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