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IX. Le résumé de recherche / Research summary : Abstract.

Résumé de recherche en Anglais.

Key words : Mastectomy ; Relationship with ; Emotions ; Take care ; Fair distance.
The choice of this research paper is shown through an analyse of a situation concerning a
women going through Mastectomy. It deals with the involvement of emotions and feelings of
the medical person and the quality of the treatement.
It is through a sociological and psychological approach that the development of the concepts
have been recorded such as the symbolic meaning of the breast, the relation with this, the
therapeutic distance, but most of all the place taken by emotions during the treatment. This
aspect brings about the notions which are the most important and essential reference as far the
course of reflection is concerned.
This study was completed by a survey which was carried out in a specialised structure of
Senology and in a private medical center and thereby allowed to face and confirm certain
elements for the frame of reference. Between empathy and care, what is the real place for the
feelings of treatment and the limitations of this relation in order to avoid the risk of projection
In this study, the nurses confided that they didn't feel the same emotions they did in the past.
They also confirmed as well the difficulties linked to the identification and the importance to
preserve their position as a nurse in order to be able to give a balanced treatment.
This led me to understand that the emotions felt by the professionals of health are human
feelings which are in a way a testimony for the quality of the treatment. Emotions and care are
not seperable, one has to learn to deal with it and know to position oneself at a fair distance
from all this and this acquired during the action that goes on.This position thus enables one to
take care and its due to this that the place for emotions is no longer a difficulty.
Between humanity and the nurse’s activity, taking care permits to develop the genuineness in
the nurse-patient relationship, a key element for the place of emotions. This will authorise the
emotions to be at its best won’t be fighting againt it any longer and thus will guarantee a
treatment of high quality.

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