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gapfiller prepositions of time and place solution .pdf

Nom original: gapfiller prepositions of time and place solution.pdf
Auteur: Famille Rialland

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Two day ago, Gov. Charlie Baker’s made a proposal in the House of Commons for state workers
early retirement that will add nearly $50 million a year to the state’s share in Massachusetts.
“This is a responsible plan for the next decade. Prior plans didn’t do that,” Secretary of
Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore told the Herald. “It’s a responsible way to achieve
significant savings to help close the budget gap.”
Baker plans to file a bill with the details by tomorrow, along with his fiscal 2016 budget. But
Beacon Hill leaders were reluctant to support the plan since the hearing.
Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg said he also wants to dive into the specifics.
“Before making my mind on the matter I need go through the details to embrace or dismiss the
governor’s proposal.” Rosenberg said. “We are heading toward an agreement at the Senate but
until then we need to be pragmatic. : 03/04/2015

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