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Candidate for coder job

I want to improve my coding skills with a professionnal experience in an interesting video
game project.

Currently in my 3rd year of University Degree in Video Games (Licence Professionnelle –
Coordination et Conception d'Univers Vidéoludiques, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier,
2 years University Degree in multimedia, web technologies and communication (DUT
Services et Réseaux de Communication, IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, Nancy, France)

Professionnal experience

Trainee in web coding, 2 months at Netprocom under Julien Pirson's direction
( )
Employee in web coding, 1 month at Netprocom under Julien Pirson's direction
( )


uPix, online web game realized with a team of four people during my DUT SRC,
Steam Riddle, a game created with a team of five people during the Game Pratic ( a 2
days Game Jam ), a plateform/puzzle Javascript game. I was coder and graphist in this
Light, a game entirely created by myself during the 31st Ludum Dare ( a 2 days Game
Jam ), a top view 2D game based on a light system.
Hand's Maze, a game entirely created by myself during the 56th Mini Ludum Dare ( a
2 days Game Jam ), a top view 2D game with a fake 3D effect taking place in a maze
where Hands live which chase the player.
Project Gear Up, a tutored project in progress, I am coder in this project.

Mes compétences

– Bases in C++
– Good bases in C
– Good bases in Java
– Very good skills in PHP and Javascript
Web tools Mastery : HTML5, CSS3 and data bases
Very good skills with GameMaker : Studio
Game and level design knowledges
Basic knowledges in Photoshop and Illustrator
Good skills in English

Piano, computer-assited music, cinema, anime ...

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