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*Department of the Army
Pamphlet 600–60

Department of the Army
Washington, DC
11 December 2001


A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment

History. This informational pamphlet is a
revision. The publication was last revised
on 15 October 1989, authenticated by
order of the Secretary of the Army by Carl
E. Vuono, General, United States Army,
Chief of Staff; Official: William J. Meehan


II, Brigadier General, United States Army,
The Adjutant General.
Summary. This informational pamphlet
presents current protocol information.
Applicability. This informational pamphlet applies to the Active Army, the
Army National Guard of the United
States, and the United States Army Reserve. During mobilization, procedures in
this publication may be modified by the
Proponent and exception authority.
The proponent of this informational pamphlet is the Deputy Chief of Staff of the
Army. The Deputy Chief of Staff of the
Army has the authority to approve exceptions to this pamphlet that are consistent
with controlling law and regulation. The
proponent may delegate the approval authority, in writing, to a division chief

within the proponent agency in the grade
of colonel or the civilian equivalent.
Suggested Improvements. Those who
use this informational pamphlet are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028
(Recommended Changes to Publications
and Blank Forms) directly to the Deputy
Chief of Staff, ATTN: DACS–DSP, 200
Army Pentagon, Washington, DC
Distribution. This publication is available in electronic media only and is intended for command levels B, C, D, and
E for Active Army, Army National Guard
of the United States, and the United States
Army Reserve.

(Listed by paragraph and page number)

Chapter 1
Visits and Introductions, page 1
Army customs • 1–1, page 1
General rules • 1–2, page 1
Official calls • 1–3, page 1
Social calls • 1–4, page 1
Introductions • 1–5, page 1
Chapter 2
Invitations, page 1
Formal engraved invitations • 2–1, page 1
Semi-Engraved invitations • 2–2, page 2
Formal handwritten invitations • 2–3, page 3
Telephone invitations • 2–4, page 3
Telefax invitations • 2–5, page 3
Replies to formal invitations • 2–6, page 3
Withdrawing an acceptance or invitation • 2–7, page 5
Informal invitations • 2–8, page 5

*This pamphlet supersedes DA Pamphlet 600–60, dated 15 October 1989.

DA PAM 600–60 • 11 December 2001