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GR130 turbine notes:

Turbine wheel:
Compressor wheel:

107mm ( CV470 canister)
1150 gram
DA 66mm
DA 60mm
Garrett 409179-0022
130N / 28lb @ 128.000rpm

Please note the following:
This engine as an upgrade to the well known KJ66 designed by Kurt Schreckling and
Jesus Artés. My plans are only intended as an addition to their plans, not all
components are mentioned here like the nozzle guide vanes attachements rings.
Although meant for KJ66 replacement parts, it’s possible to make the GR130 from
scratch but still good knowledge of homebuilt engines is required, as are the older
original KJ66 drawings. These KJ66 plans are copyright protected but can be found on
the internet at several places, one of them being here:
Best regards,
Gerald Rutten

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