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Symbol of luxury and elegance in a world where custom-made and refinement are excellence, RKF Luxury Linen expresses itself through innovation and influences Linen & Spa art
at each new creation.
Excellence worldwide
RKF Luxury Linen is a French company located in Belfort with an international reputation. Specialized in design and manufacture of house & Spa refined linen for demanding clientele of
luxury hotels, institutes, thalasso & spa, restaurants, golf courses as well as for the very closed
circle of yachting, RKF Luxury Linen ranks among the market leaders.
Unrivalled expertise for exceptional achievements
The outstanding craftsmanship of RKF Luxury Linen is affirmed through many achievements,
but always unique. So as to meet under optimum conditions its partners requirements, RKF
Luxury Linen insures personalized advice and individual on-site support for all their projects. To
be able to guarantee an irreproachable quality to its products, RKF Luxury Linen endowed
with various tools as such as the Research & Development department, its Design division and
its Analysis Laboratories.
So it is by attentive listening to the needs of its clients, rigorous work without compromise, and
the choice of the noblest materials in the service of its creativity, that RKF Luxury Linen meets
the most extraordinary desires, pushing the technical constraints limits and feasibility to design
an exceptional custom-made.

Some of our references ...
Luxury Hotels & Hotels Chains

RKF Luxury Linen radiate in luxury
hotels and renowned hotel chains
as Relais & Chateaux, Leading Hotels of the World, Small Luxury Hotels
RKF Luxury Linen is present in more
than 2,600 hotels worldwide and
exports to over 46 countries upscale
home linen.

Dior Suite at the Majestic Barrière Cannes.
(RKF Luxury Linen fully equipped
Majestic and Dior Hotel suites.)

Spa & Instituts brands
RKF Luxury Linen is one of the Spa
market, Institutes, Thalassos & Spa
The high quality of its products and
innovations it offers, as well as its
partnerships with many major cosmetic brands, make RKF Luxury Linen an essential player in the worldwide Spa universe.

A recent & exceptional creation, the Spa My
Blend by Clarins in the Royal Monceau in Paris,
fully equipped by RKF Luxury Linen.

At the same time, RKF Luxury Linen fully
designed and produced the line of Spa
My Blend by Clarins Velaa Island Maldives, wich besides a relooking is made
exclusively in DreamSoft ®.

It is at the opening of the Spa Guerlain
Paris that RKF Luxury Linen unveiled its
new Hi-Tech material DreamSoft ® with
qualities of comfort, elegance and
unequaled strength.


RKF Luxury Linen is naturally present
nearby star chefs, offering customized products to dress elegantly
the prestigious restaurant tables
they animate.

Restaurant Airbus in Toulouse, France

Hôtel Ermitage du Lac in
Montreux, Switzerland
Special Table linen designed for
the Saoudi Arabia King

Events & VIP customers

RKF Luxury Linen regularly partners with major events such as
the Cannes Film Festival or the Eurockéennes ... and to emblematic
places like Lausanne Hotel School
of international renown.
At these occasions many stars already enjoyed the quality of RKF
Luxury Linen products such as
Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg,
Sharon Stone or Beyonce & JayZi, Mika, Charlotte Gainsbourg &
Yvan Attal, Emilie Simon... and of
other great.

Beth Ditto in RKF bathrobe at Eurockéennes festival in Belfort

Kezhia Jones in RKF bathrobe at
Eurockéennes festival in Belfort

Our certifications
RKF Luxury Linen is Oeko-Tex ® and
GOTS certified, guaranteeing quality monitoring and compliance
with the strictest standards of the
textile industry.

Techn’Hom 1
6, rue de l’Etang
F-90 000 BELFORT
Tél. +33 3 84 900 856
Fax +33 3 84 900 829

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