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Maxime Ménard

60-64 rue du Rendez-Vous, 75012 Paris

11 March 2015
To whom it may concern,
I have noted with great interest your offers of internships focused on web marketing,
sales, clients relationship, prospecting for new customers and partners, and that some
of them are specifically targeted at French native speakers.
I am currently enrolled in a Master Degree Program in Operational Marketing at the
INSEEC Business School Paris. I am looking for a six month international placement
(starting date in May), which would complement my studies with practical experience
in the sector of marketing.
During my studies, I have often been brought to work on collective projects and I have
learned to be a good team player and work efficiently with others. More than just a
team spirit, I also have considerable leadership skills developed thanks to seven years
of intensive practice as a volleyball team captain. As a sports team leader, I have learnt
to function well under pressure and to compose with different personalities in order
to move forward towards a common goal.
In addition to these skills, I have also increased my listening capacity and acquired
good working habits such as punctuality and a strong sense of responsibility while
working in my free time as a museum attendant in the well-known Pompidou
museum, as well as during my previous professional experience as event coordinator
in a student travel organization. At this occasion, I have also been initiated to
negotiation, which I found particularly motivating.
I am interested in developing my international experience. Last summer, I worked in
Argentina for an NGO ( specialized in children and orphan’s
rights. I helped the local team to improve and translate their web site from Spanish to
French, and I worked with the administration in various areas such as
communication/e-communication (events promotion, the organization of
conferences abroad, etc.) and fundraising. This experience was very rewarding and

gave me the opportunity to evolve independently in a flexible environment, to take
responsibilities, to be introduced to charity and social work and at the same occasion
to improve my language skills. Now I am fluent in Spanish and have a good command
of English. I am open and communicative, creative, and keen to learn, I am sure to
find my place in your working environment.
I believe that my profile, my international experience and my motivation would allow
me to benefit fully from the internship you offer and to make the experience mutually
I enclose my resume and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully
Maxime Ménard


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