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University of Gabes, Tunisia

Higher Institute of Human Sciences, Mednine

The English Department organizes on 15th April 2015 a conference on:

Pedagogy at the Tertiary Level
Theme 1 (2015): Teaching method
The choice of a teaching method (or methods) depends largely on the subject or the skill
under focus and on what fits the teacher, his or her educational philosophy, classroom
demographic, and subject area(s). In an attempt to make the difference between method and
approach, Richards and Rodgers (1999, p. 15) explain that “an approach is a set of correlative
assumptions dealing with the nature of language teaching and learning. An approach is
axiomatic. It describes the nature of the subject matter to be taught. Method is an overall plan
for the orderly presentation of language material, no part of which contradicts, and all of
which is based upon the selected approach. An approach is axiomatic, a method is
procedural.” Therefore, within an approach, there can be many methods that fit into it .
In fact, effective teachers use an array of teaching methods because there is no single,
universal method that suits all classroom situations. Different strategies used in different
combinations with different groupings of students will improve learning outcomes. Some
strategies better suit certain skills and fields of knowledge than others. Some strategies better
suit certain student backgrounds, learning styles and abilities.
This conference is meant to explore the different teaching methods appropriate to the tertiary
level. The concern is mainly with the different subjects taught to undergraduate students of
fundamental/applied who are to obtain a Bachelor of fundamental or applied English: What
are the successful teaching methods which help teachers to fulfill the course objectives and
learners to perceive these objectives?
This conference welcomes proposals related, but not limited to teaching methods and:

Reading Strategies and writing procedures
Translation and commercial translation
English for Specific Purpose(s)
Structure of English
Discourse analysis
Literature (Poetry, Drama, Fiction)
Oral expression
Arabic for Specific Purposes
French for Specific Purposes

You are kindly invited to submit your abstracts (300 words maximum) via e-mail to the
conference coordinators Rym Ezzina ( and Feten Boubakri,
Deadline for submission: 15th March, 2014. Notification of acceptance: 30th March, 2014.

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