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Why ambulances?

Our project
We are four students pursuing
our final year of Master’s degree
“Development Economics and
Management” at the University
Paris-East -Créteil.
Working in the partnership
« FranceUkraine Medical and Caritative
Help » (AMCFU) we bought 2
second hand ambulances in
France and will drive them to
Ukraine in order to help the
rescue teams in the conflicts
zones and to reinforce the
efficiency of the hospitals in
these areas.

This need has been expressed by
many hospitals near to the conflict
In the result of the military conflict,
from mid-April 2014 to 28 February
2015, 5,809 people were documented
as killed and 14,740 wounded in the
east of Ukraine. The UN Human
Rights Office estimates that the total
number of people killed in eastern
Ukraine by 2 March has almost
certainly exceeded 6,000.
The situation at the hospitals is
critical. They have a huge lack of
equipment. Moreover, most of the
hospitals are located 50-60 km away
from the frontline, while there is not
enough ambulances to transport the
wounded people. Therefore, the
ambulances will allow faster medical
care and better organisation of the
medical teams.






« Une ambulance de
Paris à Kiev!»

And now that we have 2
We will drive the ambulances to
Ukraine, till Kyiv, on the 16th of

What we did:
We launched a crowd funding
campaign through a website from
December 2014 till the end of
January 2015. At the same time,
we sold some products of the
project such as stickers and Tshirts but an important part of
the donations also came from
private companies.
This allowed us to collect
around 11,000€ and thanks to
the final participation of AMC, we
managed to buy 2 ambulances.

This will be the opportunity for us to
lead an international awareness
campaign in the different cities
where we will stop in the partnership
with local associations. The aim will
be to discuss about our project and
to inform about the situation in
Ukraine. The different stopping-off
cities all along the way to Ukraine
will be:
The end of the travel will be marked
by the donation of the ambulances to
the Charity Fund partner in Kyiv
(International Association for Support
of Ukraine). They will be in charge of
bringing the ambulances to the
hospitals on the frontline.

Event for our departure:

The conference will take
place on the:
13th of March at 2pm
at the University Paris Est
Amphiteatre B (building IAE
– Site Mail des Mèches)
61 Avenue du Général de
Gaulle, 94010 Créteil
For any questions, please call :

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