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" Sèkèrèkè " Initiative For The Education Of Girls
"Launch of the scholarship program " Sèkèrèkè "for the education of girls.
CO-LIVING is taking the opportunity of this International Women's Day to announce
the launch of the Program "Sèkèrèkè."
This scholarship is intended to support the education of girls in rural areas.
The first phase of the program will launch at the beginning of the school year in
September 2015 and will cover the canton of Kuma, Togo.
Other phases are planned for recipients in countries including Mali.
With the amount of 1000 USD, this scholarship is part of the Solidarity Program
between Africans.
We would like to acknowledge all the daughters and sons of Africa who made
possible the launch of this initiative.
The contribution of any person and / or e-friend in Africa is welcome, and would be
Contacts for your donations
Dagbevi, UC Berkeley
Jean-Geoffroy, University Of Georgia
Great Britain: Gloria, Communication student, Manchester
Switzerland: Elom, Communication & Media

Mali & Maroc: Bilaly Dicko, UPC


Email: coordination@co-habiter.ch

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