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Sera adaptée au programme de Ian Scott

SAMEDI 21 MARS 2015 - YVETOT (76)
Hooked On Country
Rhyme Or Reason / Sugar Kane
Caught In The Act
Twist And Shake
God Blessed Texas
Burning Love
The Gambler
All About A Woman
Turn It On Cowboy

Set Ian Scott
Quelques chorées du répertoire
Moi J'aime la Country
Il Revient – Power
Oh Suzanna – Beer My Horse
Mary Lou ( Go cat Go )
Jolie Blonde ( Texas Waltz)
Cajun Celtic ( Baby Belle )
Hop ( Cowboy Charleston )
Jambalaya – Country Road
Achy Break Heart ( Cowboy Boogie )
Cotton Pickin' Morning
Somebody Like You
American Kids
Home To Louisiana
Carolina Boys
Red Hot Rock'N'Roller
Messed Up In Memphis
Arizona Freeze

Wave On Wave
Mary Mary
Forever Little (P) / Love Story
Dust Off
Long Hot Summer
Easy Come Easy Go
Honky Tonk Twist (En délire Contrat)
Rose Garden
Doctor Doctor
My Dear Juliet
Country Walking
Tush Push
Town Of Hope and Memories (Hommage Charlie)
Hot In Here / Hot And Easy
Fishin In The Dark / Get Ready
SD Wedding
Monday For Two
Jailhouse Creole
Knee Deep
Somewhere in My Car
Wild Stallion
For Neige
Colorado Girl
Open Heart Cowboy
Two Boys
Little Wagon Wheel / Lost In Me
Fais Dodo
Celtic Kittens
Red Camaro
Country 2 Step
Seminole Wind

Set Ian Scott

suite et surprises ...
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Bonne Soirée
Andrée - Vincent

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