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H2. Help!
(The Beatles)
H3. Hey Jude
(The Beatles)
H4. Hysteria
H5. Highway to hell
H6. Hang me up to dry
(Cold War Kids)
H7. Halo
H8. Ho Hey
(The Lumineers)
H9. Helter skelter
(The Beatles)
H10. How you remind me
H11. Happy
(Pharrell Williams)
H12. Have a nice day
H13. Hanging Around
(The Cardigans)
H14. Hot N Cold
(Katy Perry)

I1. I Love You
I2. Imagine
(John Lennon)
I3. In my place
I4. I love rock'n'roll
(Joan Jett & the Blackhearts)
I5. I believe in a thing called love
(The Darkness)
I6. I'm with you
(Avril Lavigne)
I7. Ironic
(Alanis Morissette)
I8. I Think I'm Paranoid
I9. In too deep
(Sum 41)
I10. I heard it through the grapevine
(Marvin Gaye)
I11. If it makes you happy
(Sheryl Crow)
I12. In your hands
(Charlie Winston)
I13. If I ain't got you
(Alicia Keys)
I14. I'll be there for you
(The Rembrandts)
I15. I want to break free
I16. I Follow Rivers
(Lykke Li)
I17. Instant crush
(Daft Punk)
I18. I want your sex
(George Michael)
I19. I will wait
(Mumford & Sons)
I20. Impossible
(James Arthur)

J1. Je dis Aime
(Mathieu Chedid)
J2. Jailhouse rock
(Elvis Presley)
J3. Jalouse
(Mademoiselle K)
J4. Jumping jack flash
(The Rolling Stones)
J5. Just my imagination
(The Cranberries)
J6. Je ne veux pas rester sage
J7. Jungle
(Emma Louise)
J8. Just because of you
(Jean-Denis Perez)

K1. Karma police
K2. Kiss me
(Sixpence None The Richer)
K3. Killing In The Name

K4. Keep your head up

(Andy Grammer)

L1. Let there be love
L2. Light my fire
(The Doors)
L3. Lights
(Ellie Goulding)
L4. Love is all
(Roger Glover)
L5. Love Song
(Sara Bareilles)
L6. La bombe humaine
L7. Lemon tree
(Fool's Garden)
L8. Lithium
L9. Let it be
(The Beatles)
L10. Last request
(Paolo Nutini)
L11. L’autre Finistère
(Les Innocents)
L12. Like A Virgin
L13. Lonely boy
(The Black Keys)
L14. Les histoires d'A
(Les Rita Mitsouko)
L15. Like a hobo
(Charlie Winston)
L16. Let's Dance To Joy Division
(The Wombats)
L17. Little numbers
L18. Love Me Again
(John Newman)

M1. Move in the right direction
M2. Magic
M3. Mrs Robinson
(Simon & Garfunkel)
M4. My favourite game
(The Cardigans)
M5. My generation
(The Who)
M6. Moving
M7. Maybe Tomorrow
M8. Mother Mother
(Tracy Bonham)
M9. Message in a bottle
(The Police)
M10. Muscle museum
M11. Mad world
(Gary Jules)
M12. My girl
(Otis Redding)

N1. New York avec toi
N2. Not an addict
(K's Choice)
N3. No way back
(Foo Fighters)
N4. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor)
N5. 1979
(Smashing Pumpkins)
N6. Numb
(Linkin Park)
N7. No one knows (Queens of the Stone Age)
N8. Nine in the afternoon
(Panic! At The Disco)

O1. Overjoyed
(Stevie Wonder)
O2. Other side of the world
(KT Tunstall)
O3. Ode to my family
(The Cranberries)
O4. One two three four