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Adress : Elmatar Bloc B NR 47

Phone : (+212)064-166-5642

24 years old

Mechanical engineer ,
Quality,Maintenance and Industrial Security

June 2009

Mechanical Engineer from ‘ENSEM’ School (Ecole National Supérieur d’Electricité et
de Mécanique)
Option : Quality, Maintenance and Industrial Security
A 2 year intensive Math and Physics course in preparation for the selective entrance
examination to engineering shcools, Lissan Eddin Ibn Alkhatib, Laayoune,MPSI/MP.
Hassan II high school, Laayoune. Bacalaureat Mathematics A option


Extraction of methane gas from waste(Functional Performance Specifications ) .
Project of management of stock of spare parts at X company.
Functional Performance Specifications of a project for the installation of a wind farm.


Team-Player with excellent communication skills.
Hand skills and quick learner
Flexible, reliable and dependable hard-worker
Motivated self-starter with a strong desire to learn


Strength of Materials , Mechanical Engineering , processes and techniques of mechanical
design, development of materials and metals, Electrical, Power Electronics, Power
Transmission Components , Fatigue of materials and Structures, , industrial Thermodynamics,
Industrial Safety, Metrology, tools and techniques of industrial maintenance, Stock
management, methods and tools of quality, solving problems methods, Total Productive
Maintenance (TPM), Maintenance management, corrosion and coating, Non Destructive
Testing, Dependability systems , quality management and ISO certification, Masters Statistics
Process , quality Function Deployment, industrial Reliability, Design of experiments and
Taguchi methods, Benchmarking, Lean Manufacturing , Management of Organizations, Project
management, Operations Research production management, heat transfer.


Office software: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access.
Programming language:C, Visuel Basic.
Simulation tools: CatiaV5,CMMS.


Native speaker.
Advanced level.

March 2014

Final internship (4 months) at LEONI Wiring-Systems, Casablanca
SUBJECT: Improving quality control by implementing of statistical process control (SPC) at
the Coupe segment.

August 2013

Technical internship at OCP( office chérifienne de phosphate) in Laayoune.
SUBJECT : Problem solving of the phenomenon of rupture belts box vacuum belt filter.

July 2013

Technical internship at ONE (office national d’électricité) in Laayoune.
SUBJECT : Study of the impact of fuel oïl quality on behavior and the maintenance cycle of
diesel generators.

August 2012

A month internship at OCP (office chérifienne de phosphate) in Laayoune.
SUBJECT : The operating range of pumps and gearboxes installed at the factory with
instructions Securitel.


Sport (Basketball, Volleyball, skating, .. etc), theater, Music, associative work, Travel ..
Treasurer of CLHD club (Club Leadership and Human Development- ENSEM-(2011-2014)
Membership in the Mechanic club of ENSEM (2011-2014)
Organization of several events:
* Medical Caravan « Thousand Smile Tamghart » March 2013 (CLHD_ENSEM).
* Medical Caravan « kafilat alkhayr» to Gualmima with BDE_ENSEM
* Participation in the 2012 Graduation ceremony at the hôtel ‘Val d'Anfa
*Sports day –ENSEM- 2012
*Automobile Day - ENSEM- 2012

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