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Hygio removes odors and disease
Hygio a40 processing chamber is a new Finnish
Ozone processing takes place in a closed space
safely, quietly and energy-efficiently.

Processing refreshes and disinfects textiles,
materials and equipment effectively and quickly.
As result, odors are removed and pathogens

• Ozone eliminates efficiently bacteria, viruses,
mold and fungi spores. Also yields are

e-coli population is reduced in one hour

Hospitals and medical centers use Hygio for
complementing conventional disinfection methods.
Ease of use motivates to frequent use of the device,
contributing efficiently to improved hygiene level.

Kindergardens use Hygio for limiting the amount of
infections among children.

Ozonizing helps authorities and security organizations
to develop the hygiene level as seen by their
personnel and by their customers.
You can rid of unpleasant odors and control effectively
contaminations that may threaten the staff’s health
and wellbeing. Hygio removes also remains of
aromatic hydrocarbons from protective gear.

In sports and exercise venues, an ozone device is a
great way to improve and diversify customer
service. Hygio can be used to freshen up one’s
equipment quickly and easily. Exercise mats and
other group exercise equipment can also be cleaned
In martial arts and motor sports, helmets and
protective gear are in constant skin contact.
Similarly, bowling, golf, dancing, downhill skiing and
football are all types of sport where shoes wear
down easily and one sweats profusely.


CRM view – March 2015

• Total 4000+ leads and business contacts


Hygio - intended growth path


• 2014 - Company start in April.
• Limited 200 km marketing radius from Salo (75 % population cover)
• 2015 - Finland
• Service partners and sales agents
• Export pilots in Nordic area - partner search

• 2016 - Expansion
• Product and market expansion, cash permitting

Further material & contact

• Brochures
• Manual
• etc

Hygio Oy
Salorankatu 5-7
24240 Salo

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