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Pierre HEMON
• French • 26 years old •
• Cell: (+33)684 557 475 or (+86)183 0031 9257 • Email: hemon.pierre@gmail.com •
• LinkedIn: fr.linkedin.com/pub/pierre-hemon/6b/313/4a3/ •

Mineral Exploration - Precious and Base Metal Deposits - French & English
Enthusiastic and motivated young geologist willing to pursue a career in mineral exploration. Looking
for an opportunity to apply my skills to the best use in assisting more experienced geologists and ensuring a work of quality. Currently in China, available to work anywhere including remote locations.
- French: mother tongue

- English: fluent

- Spanish: conversant

- Mandarin: basic

- Mapping & Sampling

- Drill hole logging

- Sample preparation

- Geochemistry

- Lithology/Petrography

- Ore Mineralogy

- Hydrothermal alteration - Structural Geology

- Desk study

- GIS tools

- Data interpretation

- Written & Oral Report

Software: Microsoft Office & Adobe Suites; QuantumGIS; Training on MapInfo Professional 9.

2010-13 Master’s in Petrology, Geochemistry and Ore Deposits
Geneva, Switzerland
MSc Research supervised by Prof. Robert Moritz: “The Gedabek quartz-adularia-pyrite altered,
Cu-Au-Ag epithermal deposit, Western Azerbaijan; Lesser-Caucasus: Geology, alteration, mineralisation, fluid evolution and genetic model”
2009-10 Master’s in Geology and Geophysics (1st year, completed)
Université des Sciences et Techniques, Nantes, France.

Nantes, France

2006-09 Bachelor in Geology and Geophysics
Université des Sciences et Techniques, Nantes, France.

Nantes, France

Relevant Experiences
English Teacher at Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College


Universities of Geneva and Lausanne
2010-13 Research Auxiliary
- Laboratory: Sample preparation procedures for: Thin & polished sections - SEM - Geochemistry
XRF - X-Ray Diffraction - Ar/Ar dating - Oxygen, Sulfur & Carbon Isotope.
- Desk study based on: Published geological data; geological maps; personal field work; geochemistry of magmatic rocks, mineralization and alteration; petrography; ore microscopy; isotopic compositions (S,O and C).
- Main results: reported new hydrothermal alteration assemblages, new ore minerals paragenetic sequence, and suggested a new genetical model for gold deposition with a potential interest for mineral


Anglo Asian Mining PLC


Gedabek epithermal Au-Cu deposit, Gedabek-Karadagh porphyry district, Lower Caucasus.
Geological mapping, sampling & drill hole logging of rock, mineralization, alteration and structural
data. Related to my Master research - 1 month - Familiarization with open-pit working conditions
and mine safety.
Resume Pierre Hemon - 1/3

Geological Field Experiences

Ore Deposits of Central Peru
Pataz (Lode gold), Raúl-Condestable (IOCG), Ticlio (Porphyry Cu-Au prospect), Cerro de Pasco and
Colquijirca (epithermal polymetallic). With the SEG Student Chapter of Geneva.
Petrology and Ore Deposits of Apuseni Mts
By Kalin Kouzmanov and Istvan Marton. Mapping and core logging. Deposit visited: Rosia Montana
and Certej (Au-Ag epithermal), Rosia Poieni (Cu-Au porphyry), Baita Bihor skarn, Valea-Morii.


Geology and Metallogeny of Sardinia
Organized by SEG Student Chapter of Geneva. Deposits visited: SEDEX & MVT Pb-Yn-Ba mineralization, “Calamine”, Albitite, Bauxite, Fluorite & Kaolinite rich epithermal deposits.
Structural Geology related to Orogenic Lode Gold mineralization
Cévennes, France.
Organized by Alain Chauvet. Cross sections and mapping from regional to sample scale.
Volcanism and Ore Deposits
Mapping of volcanism, alteration and mineralization. Organized by L.Fontboté, L.Diamond, T.Pettke,
A.de Haller and A.Arribas. Deposits visited: Rodalquilar caldera and Au High-sulfidation deposit;
Cabo de Gata volcanic province; Mazarron polymetallic deposit; Messinian evaporites.


Hydrothermal veins, breccias & ophiolite
Organized by Robert Moritz.

Alpes, France & Italy

Gemological Field Experiences

Wollo Opal mining area
Personal visit. Negotiations with local authorities to get access to the artisanal mining area.


Pear culture; Artisanal mining of Rubies and Spinels
Assisting Vincent Pardieu (GIA Bangkok). Mapping and sampling for geochemistry and isotope
analyses of Rubies and Spinels from artisanal mining zones of Northern Vietnam. Visit of Pearl farms
and factory. Acclimation to remote tropical places.

Selected Courses and Workshops

Epithermal mineralizations and geothermal resources. By Stuart Simmons.
Ore Dressing, Geometallurgy and Environmental Geochemistry of Mine Waste.
By Bernhard Dold, R.W. Lehne and Regina Baumgartner.


The magmatic-to-hydrothermal transition as a marker of deformation conditions.
By Alain Chauvet. Lectures and microscopy practical courses.
Practical Course in Mineral Exploration. Simulation from discovery to valuation.
Organized by Georges Beaudoin.

Diplome d’Université de Gemmologie (DUG), Institut des Matériaux de Nantes (IMN).
Courses on laboratory techniques applied to gemology, by Prof. E. Fritsch.
Private courses on classical gemology, with Blanca Mocquet
Resume Pierre Hemon - 2/3

Abstract Publications & Public Presentations

Conference on Recent Research Activities and New Results about the Regional Geology, the
Geodynamics and the Metallogeny of the Lesser Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Oral Presentation of my Master Research.
Ecole Thématique “Ressources Minérales: Défis Scientifiques et Sociétaux”, Geneva, Switzerland. Poster Presentation of my Master research.


10th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern, Switzerland. Poster presentation of my Master Research.
Gold and Base metal Deposits of the Mediterranean and the South Caucasus - Challenges and
Opportunities, Tbilisi, Georgia. Poster Presentation of my Master research.
SEG Lima 2012 - Conferences and Poster Session. Poster presentation, Master project.

Additional Information

Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)

Society of Economic Geologists (Secretary of SEG Student Chapter of Geneva, 2011-2012).

SEG Hugh E. McKinstry Student Research Grant 2011
Financial assistance to attend the SEG Lima 2012 conference.

- Certificate of Training in First Aid
- International Driving Licence.

Resume Pierre Hemon - 3/3

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