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Editor/Assistant Editor

Paris/New York


+33 (0) 6 60 25 84 49



Stage Manager


Filmmaking Program at Stonestreet Studios, New York, USA
with professers from NYU and Columbia.




Film studies at ESRA, France.
Courses related to directing, assistant directing,
cinematography, screenwriting, production,
editing, sound design, color grading and compositing.


Baccalaureat, scientific section, art minor, magna cum laude.

Panda Roux, by Sorel França, La FEMIS thesis film (25min)

Young Like Us, web series, by Chloe Sarbib. Episodes 2 to 8.
Winner of the FirstGlance Film Festival of Philadelphia.


- 6 months at Harbor Picture Company, post-production company.
(Tech support and production assistant).
- 3 months with Jonathan Ferrantelli, post-production supervisor.
(Post-production assistant)
- 3 months at Aquashot, surf photo/video agency.
(Cinematographer and editor for brands, magazines and competitions.)





- Brush - Short film (5’) Official selection of the New York Urban
Film Festival 2015.
- Blank - Short film (5’)
- Nomad IV - Promotional video (2’)
- 67 - Short film (4’) Winner of the Smithsonian In Motion contest 2013.
- Stop The Clock - Short film (2’) Finalist of the IRMC Contest 2013.
- Outclass - Student commercial (30’’)
- Waterstuff - Promotional video (3’)

Post-production assistant

- The Bling Ring, by Sofia Coppola
- Two Night Stand, by Max Nichols
- The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister & Pete , by Georges Tillman Jr.
- Ain't Them Bodies Saints, by David Lowery.

Assistant Director

Chinese Food (15’) Official selection of the International Short Film Festival
of Grenoble, nominee at the Student Academy Awards.

Assistant camera on The Sacrament, by Ti West.

Bilingual English/French, native French.
Spanish intermediate.

- Driver’s license and International Driver’s license
- Motor boat license
- Photographer at The Taste Of France, French culture et cuisine
festival, New York.
- Model at the Moncler Show, New York Fashion Week 2013.
- Interest : guitar/singing, nautic sports, painting,, acting.
- Jury at the European Cinema Festival, Vannes, France 2009-2012

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