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Final task: Totino’s super bowl commercial Saturday night live
This video is an ad for Totino’s “pizza rolls” and their activity pack for women
This ad takes place in the USA in what we can consider a typical American house during a super bowl
game. The first scene introduces the setting and we already understand that this ad is ironical.
First of all the woman who is the blond hair man’s wife brings some pizza rolls in order to feed the
We deeply understand that she is devoted to her husband for example she asks if she can do anything
for her “hungry guys”.
The husband is also very authoritarian and after only 16 seconds he orders her to leave because “the
game is on”.
 After the introduction of the ad we understand that there are two worlds one is the one of the
husband with his friends watching a game and the other one is the one of the wife who has to take
care of her husband and obey to him.
Here comes the offer of Totino’s which gives the possibility to the woman to have fun with her activity
pack instead of doing nothing in the kitchen but always waiting for her husband to ask her to bring
some more Totino’s.
Her activity pack is providing to her puzzles and games in order to keep her mind active and learning
but we all know that women don’t need an activity pack to do so.
She is doing very simple drawings looking at a spinning top in an admiringly way. All in all she is doing
children’s activities because she is considered as a child by her husband
 But everything is make in order to understand that this ad is ironical for example the laughs.

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