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---------------------------------------------------PROYECTO INTEGRAL EN LA COMARCA DE A LIMIA (9 months)
Location: Lodoselo/Sarreaus (Galicia-Spain)
Application deadline: 24/03/2015

Start date: 01/05/2015
End date: 01/02/2016
Tasks of the volunteer:
• Information, advice, information desks and awareness campaigns for young people in the region from the
CIX (Youth Information Centre of Limia) in collaboration with two Secondary Schools of Limia Xinzo of
which takes place during the school year. (October to May)
• Tables and information and awareness campaigns for the entire community: International Day of Peace
and Non-Violence, International Day of Human Rights, Fair Trade, AIDS Day, International Day for the fight
against cancer … etc
• Help, support and assistance to older people and family carers with elderly dependents: Reading mail,
personal efforts, buying food, medicines, toiletries, company …
• Support social service and community dining at the Day Centre and Community Housing Lodoselo
(Sarreaus) (transportation of the elderly social center, health center, transportation of meals to home …).
• Entertainment activities in the Village Community School Lodoselo. (Ethnographic workshops, certain
environmental etc. ..)
• Environmental activities in the Hall of Nature, gardening, care of farm animals, donkeys Lodoselo.
• Maintenance activities of the center, with activities related with agriculture field and depending on the
• Initiation and project proposals and / or activities, or new, always counseled, supervised and supported by
the staff of CDR “O Viso”.
More details at
Application process:
Sending C.V and motivation letter :
No special skills are required, but always appreciated positively the desire to learn and discover new things,
experience in non-formal education and have participated in activities social and / or companies in
voluntary action.
About the hosting organization:
The “CDR O Viso” is a non-governmental organization without profit, that also forms part of la
Confederation de Centros de Desarrollo Rural (COCEDER) – confederation of centers for rural
development and is recognized as a Public Utility Authority that develops in the region of La Limia a
comprehensive program aimed at the most vulnerable rural population of the region, (elderly, disabled,
mentally ill, women, youth, children) groups excluded or at risk of social exclusion, through global actions of
social, educational, economic, training and employment.
------------------------------------------------------Marta Joga
Educadora Social
Centro de Información Xuvenil da Limia
Tfno: 988461571
Praza Maior nº 1, 1º A
32630 Xinzo de Limia

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