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Los Angeles

About Us
The Law Offices of Mathew & George is a boutique law firm representing both plaintiffs
and defendants in litigation matters and particularly in matters of personal injury, business
litigation and employment law.
For nearly two decades, Mathew & George has successfully assisted individuals in
obtaining outstanding trial results in each of these areas. Lead trial attorney, Abraham
Mathew, has represented clients in some of the largest and most complex business litigation
in the State, as well as individuals and small businesses in relatively simple but equally
important matters.
Because we are selective about the cases we accept, we have the time and resources to
carefully and meticulously investigate the facts of each case, weigh it against the applicable
law and then provide candid advice on the possible outcomes. Our goal in each case is to
gain every competitive and strategic advantage to save our client’s time and money. That is
how we measure success.
If you would like more information about how we may be able to assist you, please call us
today at (310) 478-4349 for a free consultation.

Our firm has achieved notable results in the areas of
business disputes and commercial law
GP and RC v. Confidential Entertainment Company
Our clients, two shareholders and officers of a Los Angeles entertainment company, were
sued by its lenders and investors for fraud and breach of fiduciary duties in connection with
loans made of which $56 Million could not be accounted for. After years of contentious
litigation and a successful summary judgment motion, the case was dismissed against one
client and soon thereafter we secured an extremely favorable settlement for the second.
Maudlin v. Vasa
Our client, the CEO of a successful technology company, was sued by a former executive
level employee for breach of fiduciary duties and breach of contract in connection with a
multi-million dollar retirement plan that had ceased making payments to the employee.
After a two week trial, we successfully obtained a verdict holding that our client owed no
duties to the former employee and then successfully had the judgment affirmed on appeal.
Xiamen Trade Co., Ltd., v. Pear Connection, Inc., et al.,
Our clients, international clothing wholesalers, were sued by a Chinese corporation for
breach of contract and fraud in connection with non-payment of roughly $1.5 million in
goods sold and delivered and which our clients then resold at roughly twice the purchase
price. We took the matter to trial and successfully limited the introduction of evidence
regarding the resale of goods and then had several causes of action as well as the prayer for
punitive damages dismissed and then successfully argued that damages cannot exceed 5.1%
of the total invoice amount.

For nearly two decades, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Mathew & George have been
committed to providing their clients with innovative and highly personalized legal
representation in the areas of business litigation, personal injury and employment law. The
attorneys have extensive experience in handling the most complex disputes by way of
settlement, mediation, trial proceedings and, often, a combination of all three.
The Law Offices of Mathew & George consists of three highly skilled lawyers supported by
a dedicated and personable staff that strives to provide each and every client with
individualized counsel and guidance through each step of the process.
Because Mathew & George is a smaller law firm, those represented receive the attention
they deserve. Because Mathew & George is selective about the cases it accepts, the
attorneys and staff are always accessible to clients. Because the attorneys at Mathew &
George are experienced, you can expect aggressive representation. Attorney Abraham
Mathew and his diligent staff are prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf.
Learn more about our attorneys:
 Abraham Mathew
 Jacob George
To schedule a free consultation, please call (310) 478-4349 to speak to an attorney today.
Or fill out our case evaluation form online to be contacted by an attorney from our office.

Abraham Mathew

As a corporate and
commercial litigation
attorney with significant
experience in finance
and business, Abraham’s
goal is simple: that is to
win cases and to do so in
the most economic
manner possible.

Business law attorney Abraham Mathew was born in India and
emigrated to the United States in 1977, settling in Southern
Abraham performed his undergraduate work at the University
of Southern California (USC) graduating with a Bachelor of
Science degree in Finance and Business Economics. After
applying his business and finance skills at a multinational bank,
Abraham attended the Pepperdine University School of Law as
a scholarship student and successfully earned his Juris Doctor
degree in 1995.
After law school Abraham worked for the Federal Reserve
Bank and in 1996, he formed the Law Office of Abraham
Mathew. In 2003, he partnered with his friend and fellow trial
attorney Jacob George and formed the law firm of Mathew &
Since 1996, Abraham Mathew has successfully handled over
500 business and commercial lawsuits, frequently taking cases
to trial when it was beneficial or vital to his clients’ interests.
He has also successfully handled several appeals in the
appellate courts.

Jacob George
Jacob George has been a business litigator and trial attorney in Los
Angeles since 2001. His clients include entrepreneurs, business
owners, real estate developers, hoteliers, manufacturers, importers,
partnerships and investors in many other industries. Jacob has
successfully represented clients in a wide range of corporate
disputes including corporate fraud, breach of fiduciary duties,
trade secret and unfair competition lawsuits. Jacob has
successfully represented companies and individuals in jury and
bench trials, arbitrations and mediations throughout California and
other states.
Jacob graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1993 where he
obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1996, he graduated from the University of California
at Berkeley with a Master of Arts degree. In 1999, Jacob received his law degree from
Loyola Law School where he was a member of the Loyola Law School Moot Court
Jacob began his legal career at Greene Broillet Taylor Wheeler & Panish, a plaintiff’s trial
law firm representing individuals and businesses suffering catastrophic injuries due to the
negligence or fraudulent conduct of others. In 2001, Jacob formed his own practice with the
goal of providing individualized aggressive representation for his clients.

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