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Through this Open Call the organization Youngsters in Europe is seeking
VOLUNTEERS for the NEED project (EVS)
GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To promote non-formal education as a means to
personal and professional development and life-long learning process of both
the target group and the volunteers.
The EVS stage will last 9 months starting with 1 st of May 2015
For achieving the project purposes we want to host 10 volunteers (two
volunteers / partner )
What will a volunteer do in the NEED project? The volunteers of the NEED
Project will be directly involved in the planning, organization and
implementation of non-formal activities in educational institutions in the city of
Dabuleni, Bechet and village of Calarasi, activities directed towards the
achievements of the project objectives.
Placements: 10 EVS placements in total
Age: 18 – 30 years
Nationality of the volunteers: Spanish, France, Portugal, Italy.
Selection criteria:
Volunteers need to have a genuine interest in Active citizenship, participatory
democracy, and civic engagement and be willing to learn and share the
information about the EU
Gender balance – during the selection procedure we will strive to achieve
gender balance within the group
Education: education in a relevant domain for the project topics (social
assistance etc.) will be considered a plus but is not mandatory and we shall
not refuse anyone based on this criteria
a basic level of English is required (being able to make herself/himself
understood by the others – Able to communicate)
Knowledge of Romanian would constitute a plus but will not be a exclusion
If you are interested or want more information please
E-mail: luciadulea.yie@gmail.com  

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