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World Nomads
Tunisia Weekend


Saturday, May 9
Documentary Film

at 2pm
Nejib Belkadhi, 2014. 80 min.
In Arabic and French with
English subtitles.

Friday, May 8
About the Weekend
In 2013, FIAF’s World Nomads
festival put a spotlight on the
work of Tunisian artists following
the Arab Spring. This May, the
focus is back on the innovative
work emerging from this region
for one engaging weekend.
Meet some of Tunisia's leading
voices, from revered singer
Sonia M'Barek to young
filmmakers and intellectuals.
Plus, visit the Best of Tunisia fair
for handcrafted wares made
by talented Tunisian artisans
and artists.

Sonia M’Barek
with Bassam Saba
Ensemble & Slim Jaziri
at 7:30pm
“One of Tunisia’s most renowned
singers”—The New York Times
Following a celebrated
performance in 2013, FIAF is
delighted to welcome virtuoso
vocalist Sonia M’Barek back to
Florence Gould Hall. Sonia will
be joined by preeminent qanun
player Slim Jaziri, a special guest
from Tunisia who will perform
a recent composition and
improvise in response to her
stunning vocals. She will also be
accompanied by New Yorkbased, multi-talented musician
Bassam Saba and his ensemble.

An Homage to
Abdelwahab Meddeb
at 4:30pm

It’s 2011 and the streets of Tunis
are alive with the desire for
change. This documentary
follows members of key political
parties, from the onset of
revolution to the elections.

Poet Abdelwahab Meddeb was
a fearless advocate for an
open dialogue between Islam
and the West. Celebrate
Meddeb’s legacy and the release
of his final book, Instants
soufis. This talk about political
and spiritual Islam features
a panel of his friends and
colleagues moderated
by his daughter, Hind Meddeb.

Sunday, May 10

Saturday & Sunday

Tunisian Mother's Day
from 12–3pm

Best of Tunisia
Sat 12–7:30pm
Sun 12 –3pm*

Spend Mother's Day at FIAF!
This special brunch of Tunisian
delicacies is perfect for a
memorable Mother's Day
celebration. During brunch,
browse handmade goods
at the Best of Tunisia fair,
where you’ll be sure to find
a one-of-a-kind gift.

Head up to Le Skyroom for a
curated selection of the best of
Tunisian luxury products
including local delicacies,
handmade fashion, jewelry,
housewares, and cosmetics.
Curated by Simone Carrica
from lostcandor.com

Le Challat de Tunis
at 7pm
Kaouther Ben Hania, 2014. 90 min.
In Arabic with English subtitles.
A knifeman prowls the
streets of Tunis, attacking
women. Is he an urban
legend? A political warrior?
Ten years later, first-time
director Kaouther Ben Hania
is looking for answers in
this mockumentary about
life for women in Tunisia.

Sonia M’Barek
Florence Gould Hall
FIAF Members $30
Non-Members $40
Le Challat de Tunis
& 7 1⁄₂
Tinker Auditorium
CinéSalon pricing
see p. 13
Homage to
Tinker Auditorium
In English
Free with RSVP
Mother's Day
Le Skyroom
FIAF Members $25
Non-Members $30

Special thanks to
curatorial advisors
Karim Maatoug,
Elizabeth Krief
Manardo, and
Hind Meddeb
*Only open to
brunch attendees
Sonia M'Barek
© All Rights Reserved;
© Tamarzizt;
Bag © Caravan Serail

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