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Bathroom Remodeling Fort
Welcome To Dawnelise Interiors International, Inc.
DawnElise Interiors International, Inc. is an award winning, full service design firm working in both
commercial and residential design. In our role as designers it is our mission to help clients to
understand their unique style. We do this by first getting to know each client and asking questions
about that person’s needs, preferences, and budget. We also listen, so that we have a clear
understanding before we start any project of the clients goals and expectations. Business is
conducted with integrity and honesty and we work hard to deliver superior results.
Dawn Elise and her team have become Fort Lauderdale and Miami’s leading interior designers for a
unique, elegant look you won’t get anywhere else. Discover why so many are talking about Dawn
Elise Interiors in the South Florida area and beyond. From the pages of the finest design magazines,
to the rooms of your home, you deserve the very best. Call her today to schedule your consultation.
Dawn Elise Hamilton is the president of the company and the firm’s principal designer. She earned
her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in New York, where she majored in Art History.
Dawn worked at various prestigious museums including; The Whitney Museum of American Art, El
Museo del Barrio and The Museum of the Moving Image. Next, Dawn’s love of entertaining and fine
food brought her into the restaurant industry. She managed a popular bistro in downtown
Manhattan for several years. Design was always a passion of hers so after moving to South Florida,
Dawn enrolled in The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she received a diploma in Residential
Design. Over the next few years she strengthened her design credentials by becoming an NCIDQ
certified designer and a professional member of ASID. In 2002, Dawn launched DawnElise Interiors
and has been building a reputation for service and excellence ever since.

DawnElise Interiors International
DawnElise Interiors International is an award winning design firm serving South Florida, New York,
Latin America and the World. The firm's principal designer Dawn E. Hamilton launched DawnElise
Interiors in 2002 and has been building a reputation for service and excellence ever since.

How We Work
The process should be fun! With any big construction project there are challenges, but we are here
to assist you from start to finish. Let us help you achieve your design goals as hassle free as possible
by providing top notch, reliable service and the benefit of 10+years of experience....

Services We Provide
DawnElise Interiors International is available for both commercial and residential interior design
projects in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and around the world. As interior designers it is our mission to
help clients to understand and express their own unique style while beautifying their surroundings.

The Fort Lauderdale Interior Designer For Stylish Luxury Homes
Considering hiring a Miami interior designer to create a luxurious environment for your home or
office ? Get the sophisticated design expert everyone’s talking about. Call Dawn Elise Interiors, the
elegant solution for everything from space planning to total redesigns in the Miami and Fort
Lauderdale areas. With an emphasis on green design and use of highest quality materials, Dawn
Elise Interiors handles everything from outdoor hardscapes and pool areas to total kitchen & bath
remodeling. Call today for your expert consultation.

DawnElise Interiors International, Inc is a full service design firm available for both commercial and
residential projects. We work with many different showrooms, manufacturers, contractors, and
artisans to realize our designs. Our contacts are extensive, giving you access to the best resources,
trades-people and pricing available.
Don’t waste time with uncertain due dates or incompetent project management. Get the Fort
Lauderdale and Miami interior designers who will bring good taste, elegance and sophistication to
any room in your home or office. With complete, full service design options available, we’ll save you
the hassles that come with less experienced or sophisticated teams. Our meticulous craftspeople,
artisans and builders use only the leading manufacturers for the luxurious results you expect…and
deserve. Find out why everyone’s talking about Miami’s best kept secret for world class interior
design. Call us today.

We offer complete design services including:
Kitchen & Bath Design
Renovations & Remodeling
Space Planning – Redesign
Turn-Key Installations
New Construction – Finish Selections
Outdoor Hardscape – Pool & Patio Design
Green Design

Project Management
Purchasing Services

Kitchens, Bars & Bathrooms

Commercial Spaces
Designed for a car collector, this ultimate man cave is an great place to unwind. This super-garage
remodel combines comfortable spaces and ample work stations. State of the art equipment makes it
a place where serious work can get done but in a relaxed, inviting environment.

Corporate Color

We remodeled and updated the regional offices of IDI in the Sun Trust Building on Las Olas. The
company’s corporate colors inspired the pallate making for a cheerful , bright work environment.

For more information please visit

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