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The History Of The Ages Mod Sp Leo Said

More Hero
More Units
More Power


All Normal Units (Archer,Pikeman,Swordman):From 40CP To 48CP
Units Of 6 Membres 42CP
Units Of 8 Membres 40CP
Units Of 10 Membres(No Cavalry) 40CP
Units Of 12 Membres 48CP
Units Of 15 Membres 45CP
All Cavalry,Mumakil And Trolls:50CP
All Siege Units And Beserker :25CP (Mordor Ground 50CP)
All Special Untis:75CP(KnightsofDolAmroth:80CP, Arnor Dunedain
Captain 50CP )
Add Starting Units
(Archers , Angmar : Thrall Master)
Start With 3 Builder
Add Evacute To The Mine (Wild And Dwarf)
All Upgrad Now In Forge
(Forge Blade.......)


Hero From 0K To 1000 5CP
Hero From 1001 To 2001 10CP
Hero From 2001 To 3001 15CP
Hero From 3001 To 4000 20CP
Super Hero 25CP (All Super Hero With 6,5K And 5000 Healh " Drogoth
7500 Health, Mordor And Angmar WitchKing 8000 Health")
Rings Hero 50CP

Special Units

Angmar Were Wolf, ArnorDunedain Captain: 1 Membre
BabyFireDrake:3 Members
DwarvenZerker, RohanRoyalGuard, NoldorWarrior, MinasTirithGuard,
IsengardFanatic, Thrall MasterNew, FornostGuard :5 Members
KnightsofDolAmroth : 10 Member
Only 5 Horde From The Special Units
All The Special Units Cost 1500 And With 1000 Healh (Angmar Were
Wolf 4000, Arnor Dunedain Captain 2200)


Arveleg :
Add LeaderShip Level 5
Add Last King Of Arnor Level 10
Add Cardolan Scout
Add Imladris Warrior
Add Lindon Warrior
Add Dunedain Camp :
Dunedain Fighter Level 1
Dunedain Archer Level 2
Dunedain Captain Level 3


Aragorn :
Add King Of Gondor Level 10
Boromir :
Add Gondor Defender Level 6
Imrahil :
Add DolAmroth Charge Level 10
Add Dol Amroth Raider ( Stable Level 2)


Erkenbrand :
Add RohanSword Level 5
Add Hama :
Level 1 : LeaderShip
Level 5 : BodyGuard Of The King
Level 7 : Training Allies
Radagast :
Summon 3 Eagle
Add Westfold Axe


Elrond :
Add Sons Of Elrond Level 5
Haldir :
Add Ghaladrim Hunter Level 8
Add LeaderShip For Only Elven Cavalry Level 5
Add Elladan And Elorhir:
Level 1 Change Between Bow And Sword
Level 5 LeaderShip
Level 10 Twin Sword
Add New Special Power : Lindon Allies
Add Mirkwood Scoot
Add Lorien Spearmen


Gimli,Gloin,Thrain :
Add LeaderShip Level 1
Thorin :
Add Erebor Treasurer Level 5
Captain Of Dale :
Add LeaderShip Level 6
Add Beorn
Add Evacute To The Mine
All Dwarf Units Can Access To Mine


AddMorgul Blade Level 5 ( The Same Of Witch King Of Angmar)
Add Nazgul Leader Level 10
Gothmog :
Add Dark Heal Level 5
Add Draugur:
Pillage Level 1
LeaderShip Level 3
Fury Level 5
FireBoom Level 7
Add Muzgash:
LeaderShip Level 1
Cirith Ungol Power Level 3
Cirith Ungol Training Level 10
Add 3 Nazgul

Nazgul :
Now All Nazgul 6xBlack Rider, Morgomir And Khamul Can Change
Between Horse And Fellbeast(Level5) And Add Gulloum Finder Level 3
Add Great Troll (Battel Troll)
Add Mordor Ground


Add Dragon Leader Level 10
GoblinsKing :
Level 10 Summon 5 FireDrak
Azog :
Level 10 Summon 3 FireDrak
Durburz :
Add Moria CaveTroll Level 10
Shelob :
Add Spiderling Summon Level 10
PoisonedThorn Now Level 10


Ugluk :
Add LeaderShip Level 5


WitchKing :
Add Screech Level 7
Add IcePower Level 10
Rogash :
Add Troll Leader Level 5


Add Haradrim Captain
Haradril Leader And Pillage Level 1
Harad Rage Level 5
Harad Captain Level 7
For Harad Level 10

The History Of The
By Leo Said

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