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For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat
immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master
of mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million
worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a
rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark
Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium
for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day so that he
may never truly die.
Yet in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal
vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested
miasma of the warp, the only route between distant stars,
their way lit by the Astronomicon, the psychic manifestation
of the Emperor’s will. Vast armies give battle in his name
on uncounted worlds, but for all their multitudes, they are
barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from aliens,
heretics, mutants, and worse.
To be a man in such times is be one amongst untold
billions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime
imaginable. Yet you are not just any individual—you are a
Heretic, a follower of forbidden gods and dangerous
schools of thought, cast out by the rulers of the
Imperium and their cursed corpse-god for the calling you
have chosen. And yet both glory and revenge can be yours
as you tread the path to greatness and take your place among
the champions of the Dark Gods themselves!

Pre-Generated Characters

The following sample characters have been specifically
designed for the Broken Chains preview adventure that
begins on page 16 of this booklet. Four different characters
are provided, although this adventure can accommodate
larger player groups by adding additional Chosen or
Renegade characters.

What is Black Crusade?
Black Crusade is a roleplaying game in which
you take on the role of a renegade from the
Imperium—a follower of dark gods
or master of forbidden powers.
In your thirst for power,
revenge, or carnage you
have chosen to walk the
path to glory, beseeching
the Powers of Chaos for
their favour so that you might
rise up above those around you and
become one of their favoured few. It
is however, a path that is fraught with
peril, and for every mortal that rises high
enough to bask in the light of the gods
a million more die screaming, their flesh
twisted and their minds broken by the cruel
malevolence and pitiless indifference of the
very powers they hoped to consort with.
The gods and their fickle ways are far
from the only dangers a Heretic must
contend with, and as outcasts from the
Imperium, much of humanity counts
itself as your foe. The Inquisition is
especially relentless in its hunt for
Heretics across the Imperium’s

Broken Chains

It is the 41st

countless worlds and beyond, and as long as a Heretic draws
breath he will never be free of these most hated agents of the
God-Emperor. Despite these perils, for those who can survive
long enough, glory and power awaits and the chance to live
free from the shadow of the Imperium.