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Titre: Diseaseless System PDF eBook by Ken Drew and Dr. Patel « FREE Download : 7 Keys to Vibrant Health
Auteur: 7 Keys to Vibrant Health

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7 Keys To Vibrant Health
Health Laws and Practices
that produce “Good” Health

of building and maintaining
a healthy body are . . .

Pure and unadulterated
as Nature produces them

Buy and eat
“certified organic foods”
as much as possible.

Read the labels
of all the products you buy!
Avoid buying and eating
any processed foods
with ingredients that aren’t names for
foods. . .
like strange names of preservatives,
hormones and unhealthful additives.

Remember. . .
that cooking foods kills
the healthy enzymes the body needs
to assimilate foods.

From a Spiritual viewpoint,
our physical body is intended
to house our great spirit
while on Earth,
and it is best
to give it a clean house!

Seek out local organic, healthyhealthy-minded markets
and local outdoor farmer’s markets offering
organically grown produce.
As much as possible,
buy these organic and naturally grown products.
Most of the supermarkets now have organic
products. These, are a better choice
than those with a lot of strange named additives.
And if you can, start your own organic “Square
Foot Garden” in your back yard or on your porch.

Buy and “eat”

the finest grades of whole food and superfood
based organic VitaminsVitamins-Mineral Supplements
Daily, take the finest high grade organic
vitamin/mineral, “whole food based” supplements
you can find!
Because most of our foods today are grown in
nutrient depleted and polluted soils, and without
them, the body is just not getting all the bodybuilding nutrients it needs to build Good Health!

Breath is Life!

Breathing supplies
the body’s need for oxygen and
aids in cleansing the blood stream.
Abnormal cells,
precursors to illness and disease,
multiply when there’s not enough oxygen
at the cellular level within the body.

Keep the Energy Circulating
throughout your body !

Physical Exercise
increases the oxygen in your body
to allow it to function better.
Outdoors, vigorous physical activity is best.
Listen to your body
and never exercise to a point
of being overly tired.
Usually the best time is
before 10am in the morning
or later afternoon,
but not after a meal.
Balanced body activities are best.

4. Pure Water
75% of the Body is Water
Keep it Hydrated

There are so many voices of authority
about what’s the best type
of water to drink,
since for decades drinking tap water
has not been the best for our health…
Drinking tap water is one way
to assure cellular contamination
due to our poor quality
of public city water sources
which are filled with industrial wastes,
inorganic minerals and chemicals
like chlorine.

Purified” water is unpredictable,
and water companies are able to sell
subsub-standard drinking water
under the label “purified.”
It’s difficult to really know
what you’re drinking.

There are differing philosophies
about whether reverse osmosis or
distilled water is best.
The supportive fact of drinking distilled
water is that the water is “neutral,”

having all the impurities and inorganic
minerals removed.
Since the body is not able to utilize
inorganic minerals, and they can even harm
internal organs like the kidneys,
many natural health experts believe
the best water for your body is
distilled water.

We Are Solar Beings

Getting enough sunlight is extremely important!
The best times to absorb the rays of the sun to
get the most benefit without the harmful effects
are 20 min. before 10AM and 20 min. after 4PM.
Wear natural fiber clothing like cotton.

Never look directly into the sun, but allow the
sunlight to enter into your eyes, without glasses,
either with eye lids open or closed because in
the iris of the eyes are tiny solar collectors
that distribute this life giving energy
throughout the body.

Florescent lighting
is very harmful over time to work in
because it pulls the Vitamin A
out of our body, weakening our
immune systems and eyes.
Whenever possible,
use natural full spectrum light bulbs.

Any day
that you burn more energy
than you produce,
is the first day of your illness

Rest when you are tired.
Never force yourself to push on.
Retiring early is healthy, and
10,000 year old Ayurvedic health practices
include going to bed at 10PM
and getting up at 6AM.

“The greatest force in the human body
is the natural drive of the body to heal itself
. . . but . . .

. . . that force is not independent
of the belief system
which can translate expectations
into physiological change.
Nothing is more wondrous
about the fifteen billion neurons
in the human brain
than their ability to convert thoughts,
hopes, ideas, and attitudes
into chemical substances.
Everything begins, therefore, with belief.
What we believe
is the most powerful option
of all.”
Norman Cousins

Develop optimistic, “positive,” “can do”
possibility thinking mental attitudes.
We need to study perfect mental health
rather than mental illness.
Negative thoughts and feelings
(resentments, anger, fear)
actually produce large amounts of acidity
in our physical bodies
that can produce the perfect condition
within the body for disease to be created.
Therefore, it is in our best interests
to direct ourselves into the life patterns
of the “mentally healthy.”

“If I had my life to live over
I would start barefoot earlier in the Spring
and stay that way later in the Fall
I would go to more dances
I would ride more merry
merry go
go rounds
I would pick more daisies
I’d relax I would limber up
I would be sillier than I have been this trip
I would take more chances
I would climb more mountains and
swim more rivers ”
Nadine Stair $%

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