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Nom original: The fabulous story of Layton.pdf
Titre: The fabulous story of Layton and the washing powder war.
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The fabulous story of Layton and
the washing powder war.

That’s RIGHT !

First Chapter : The pokeball quest.
Once upon a time a poor professor named Layton and his best friend :
his goat.
They was poor and without money. And they hadn’t got coins. Poorer
than poor.

« L’argent détruit le cœur d’autrui. Je ne
peux dissocier l’ennemi de l’ami. »
Master Gims, Subliminal.

Master Gims, my dear
goat, it’s time to get some
hyperballs to catch a

First Chapter : The pokeball quest.
They came to the Kokiri Forest to find their hyperball…

Pokemon, gotta
catch ’em all… ♪

…and they seen an awful thing.

First Chapter : The pokeball quest.
Casimir was trying to kill a poor baby bear…

Not again…

It’s time to see what is
the best washing
powder, CAJOBEAR !

Why do you talk to me..? I’m a
bear, I can’t understand…

« J’me tire, me demande pas pourquoi
j’suis parti sans motif !»
Master Gims, J’me tire.

First Chapter : The pokeball quest.
Master Gims ran away (nevermind, he was useless), but Layton
was angry to see this injustice !

Hey, Casimir, I know you love the Mir washing
powder because it’s in your name, but you don’t
have to kill the Cajobear, or me and my friend
Christian Keyboard are gonna fight against you.

First Chapter : The pokeball quest.
So, now, it’s time to
find my dear goat…

Come at my house when you want
Layton, I will cook you a lot of
gloubiboulga !

Casimir flew away and everybody was happy…
But Master Gims was certainly lost into the
forest !

Second chapter : I don’t know
where is the storyboard…

Hi ! I’m the narrator, welcome ! You’re into my spirit, I have to explain something… The
creator of the story don’t know where is the storyboard, but I will try to improvise the rest of
this tale ! I wish you a good read ! See you later !

Second chapter : Now, I have to
find a name !
Back to the forest, Layton met Steve Jobs…

Hey, what’s up Steve, did you
see my goat Master Gims ?

Not for the moment, Layton, I’m doing something…
Do you know the Slenderman, Layton ?

Second chapter : The Slenderman ?

In 1865, Nintendo created a powerful beast named the
Slenderman… It’s a perfect creature made for destroy the world.

Second chapter : The Slenderman ?
That was horrible, Steve Jobs just wanted to annihilate the

Me and my friend Mickey are gonna sell Star Wars to
Nintendo to buy the first Slenderman…

Second chapter : The Slenderman ?

If Steve Jobs sell Star Wars, Nintendo will
make a lot of bad games…
I want to know where is the Mickey
house, but if I ask to Steve Jobs, he will
know what I wanna do…
I have to stay inconspicuous if I wanna
save the world…
I will ask in the mushroom kingdom !
By the way, nice design this time, thank
you creator for gave me this cool body !

Second chapter : The Slenderman ?
Layton went to the Mushroom Kingdom, biggest city of the
world of Nintendo, to find Mickey… and Mickey was here !

Hey, Mickey, I have to ask you three
questions ! Give me ten minutes…

Ok, you can, but just
three questions… I have
to do something !
What will be the three questions ? How Nintendo has
created the Slenderman ? For know these answers, send
ANSWER to the 126226 ! (3€ + SMS Price)

Third chapter : We have to save
Star Wars !

I’m back ! I don’t know if you enjoy this story, but I have to tell you something !
Don’t worry for Master Gims, he’s fine, when he tried to run away, I caught him, he’s playing
with me ! So, you can continue to read the story, I come back, Master Gims is winning the
game… Goodbye !

Third chapter : We have to save
Star Wars !

That’s a beautiful castle !
So, first question : Why do you wanna sell
Star Wars to Nintendo..?

Third chapter : We have to save
Star Wars !
Nintendo is a good company, they will make a
lot of good games about Star Wars ! I need to
create new movies…

I see… But… Steve Jobs
really love Star Wars,
why is he ok ?

Third chapter : We have to save
Star Wars !
I don’t really know, he says it’s a secret, I
don’t really know why…

Last question… Did you heard
something about a creature named
the Slenderman ?

Third chapter : We have to save
Star Wars !
The Slenderman is just a legend ! You
know, Layton, I’m the kindest and
happiest mouse of the Disneyworld,
you don’t have to ask this !

Ok, that’s all Mickey, thank you
for gave me your time !
Goodbye !

Fourth chapter : Too late..?

Hey, it’s the narrator, I’m back !

« Tu vas finir par sombrer, c'est toi qu'à voulu
jouer ! »
Master Gims - Game Over
Shut up, Master Gims, I try to talk !
So, I’m back, and I need to tell you a part of the story… After this, Mickey kill Steve Jobs and
catch the Slenderman. He try to destroy the world, but Casimir come back, he know what to do…
Casimir will try to give Cajobear to Slenderman, for calm him and be the only washing powder.
The end of the story is near, and it’s time to see who is the real hero.
See you later !

Fourth chapter : Too late..?

You destroyed the world, but you can’t
destroy me, stupid Nintendo thing !
It’s time to end the battle !

Fourth chapter : Too late..?

“Nintendo thing”… I HAVE AN IDEA !
Christian Keyboard, I need you right now !
Do you have my pokeball ?

Layton had a good idea…

Fourth chapter : Too late..?
I’m always here for you, Layton !
It was time to see who was the real heroes…


It think it’s time to say goodbye…

Whaaat ? I created my own world for nothing..?


I will be fast…

Everybody have to learn something of this story :
You always have to count on your friends,
Mickey isn’t very cool,
You can be friend with an animal,
If you talk to strangers, you can save the world,
If you meet a Nintendo character, just throw a pokeball on it.


No, a last thing !
You can create your own stories if you have the time,
but they can be disliked !
The most important, it’s to have 20/20 and to


The creator has certainly deleted the files to creates his own story.
If this screen appears again, just try to quit this story.
You can call the 911 to ask why you screen doesn’t work, but it’s easier to just
quit the story, because it’s a fake bluescreen.
Your PC is ok, don’t worry, It won’t burn !
Technical information :
*** stop: 0,0000050 (0fd3094c2, 25df72afg2, doom&matrix, rollercoaster, 06ff4583g)

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