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International Commercial Internship (France)
EuroDev is a dynamic company that operates in an international
environment and has offices in the Netherlands and France. We work
for more than 50 American companies and operate and present
ourselves as their European office. We give our partners strategic
advice and set up and execute their Marketing & Sales activities in
Currently we represent American companies that are active on different
markets, like the Industrial, Healthcare and Retail.. You will work for
4-5 companies. The type of company that you will work for depends on
your skills, interests and education.
Example of the companies we currently represent are:
 SteriPEN: manufactures handheld water purification devices for
 Fifield Inc.: a leader in fabrics for display and packaging,
 ExpoImaging: markets, designs, manufactures and distributes
unique and innovative camera accessories to the photographic
market, and is the pioneer in digital white balance filters
You will do market research, acquisition, have customer contact etc.
We offer a real time internship for students who like diversity. At
EuroDev, you have the opportunity to work for several various
companies who are active on different markets and are in different
stages of market approach.
The Profile:
 Commercial Studies
 Good command of the English language, others are a big plus
The internship is offered in our French office in Sophia Antipolis (Nice
Area). The internship starts in September 2015 with a minimum
duration of 5 months. You will receive a reimbursement.
If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation in English to
Ms. Marloes Nijland at

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