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Européan Dragster
6 & 7 Juin 2015

Information : Eric Angeloni : 06 73 58 58 36 Email:
Christophe Dubois : 06 87 45 64 71 Email: ou
Inscriptions : A.T.D. chez Mr Angeloni Eric 9 impasse pont Barraux

03270 Saint Yorre

1er Européan Dragster
Les 6 & 7 Juin 2015 – Circuit de Clastres (02)

125 €

15 €

Total : _ _ _ _ _ €

Street Run A, B, C (2 people)
Pro ET (4 people)

125 €
125 €

15 €
15 €

Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €

Super Pro ET (4 people)
Junior Dragster (2 people)
unlicensed ASA Drag Racing

125 €
25 €

15 €
15 €

Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €

For two days with track access


RWYB (2 people)

These prices are per vehicle per person with a license to ASA Drag Racing.
If not dismissed at ASA Drag Racing price is increased by 25 € (Not for RWYB)
THE 26 May 2015 (date of postmark)

Welcome to

1er Européan Dragster
The mere fact that you chose to be here instantly puts you in the category of people of taste !!
Nevertheless, I urge you to read this, it is in the survival of this event!
The Channel Trophy Dragster in 2015 will allow you to measure yourself against the best drivers in
each class but for beginners, you can drive in RWYB.
The Run What Ya Brung, (literally roll with what you bring) is open to all vehicles.
What is a Run What Ya Brung?
It's free practice sessions acceleration on 1/4 mile, or 402.33 meters.
Each run, where two vehicles leave side by side, is timed to allow you to calibrate the performance of
your car or motorbike, or even improve over of the day. None of the time tickets, awarded at the end
of your visit, can claim a ranking. No fuss, just the pleasure of putting the gas, get out wads memorable
with pals. You can choose to ride against and who you want to share your feelings to a passenger, as
this one is major, bound and helmeted like you. So plan several helmets, we do not provide.
The reception of participants will be on Friday from 14: 00 and the opening quarter-mile at around 9
am on Saturday, 00. For more information, thank you for contacting us.
Camping on site is possible in the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. The site has
showers and toilets but in small numbers.
The restoration located near the starting line will ensure a rapid and economic restoration service.
There are some points on which the organization will be intransigent:
-The Behavior: excessive behavior, brutal, anti-athletic, exuberant, or likely to harm the smooth
running of the event will be sanctioned (by the denial of access to the track, for example ...)
-The Failure to follow instructions given by the organizers: Whether safety instructions, organization
of the paddock or test running.
-No Burn out or test outside the areas provided for this purpose.
-No Drain on the floor ...
-The Cleanliness: trash bags are available from the organization. Do not hesitate to
reapply. The cleanliness of the site must be respected. Thank you to absolutely bring your garbage to
the site entrance.
- The paddock: it is located on a track, not in a parking lot. As such, it is forbidden to use fasteners
such as anchors, stakes, spit or other mechanical means to secure marquees, stands and tents to the
ground !! All people do not observe this rule capital will be excluded from the test !! Specific rules on
the installation in the paddock you will given by the track staff. Follow them !!
- Vehicles: only runs the participating vehicles will be allowed to be placed on the asphalt.

All other accompanying vehicles must remain on the grass. This is to facilitate the movement during
the test.
-No "Campfires" on the floor! Barbecues are obviously allowed ...
-Think Your behavior and the image you when you go to town !! The villages do not have "wild horde"!
Moderate your enthusiasm and keep your energy for the runs. It is there and only there that you can
impress us ...
There ...
We all hope that these few basic rules of label will do nothing to help you smash you on the track!
Follow the instructions of the track staff, we are all here to help!
Do not hesitate to ask a thousand questions! This is the first time you turn your wheels on the track ??
Fine ! You could not have a better time for your first time !! Be guided by the ringmaster, he will
explain the procedures ...
Thank you for reading these few lines to the end ... !!

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

RWYB Technical Regulations
All vehicles normally sold, registered and in compliance with the Highway Code (Armed with a gray card, valid
technical inspection for vehicles that are subject there to, and a certificate of insurance). Vehicles entering the
FFSA FIA regulations dragster. It will not be issued a passport or technical approval certificate, but the
vehicle's participation will be subject to the approval of a official .
The principle of basic engine must be kept.
2.2 FUEL
The fuel must be of the essence of trade.
Fuels such "competition" are allowed.
Cars must be equipped with manifolds and exhaust pipes installed to vent gases outside the engine compartment
and cabin out.
The start can be done only by the driver sitting in normal driving.
If it is not located at its original location, the installation must be secure.
If the battery is in the cockpit, it must be installed in a waterproof container and securely attached .The fixing
"bungee" type are prohibited.
Transmission is free.
The presence of a safety loop on the driveshaft is highly recommended.
Chemical supercharger systems (N2O) and mechanics are allowed.
The action of the brake pedal must act on all four wheels.
The handbrake is mandatory for single vehicles brake system.
The wheels are free to dimensions.
Tires "slick" and other racing tires are allowed.
The suspension elements and their attachment points are free.
The body components (bumpers, fenders, hood, doors) are free to form and materials, and must be functional.
They must not have any provisional and be securely fastened. The covers and doors must be opened manually from
The side windows and rear window can be made of polycarbonate but must comply in this case a thickness of 3
The passenger must not include any element or aggressive party.

Rules Quarter Mile Meeting

Shall be admitted on the site that registrants along with their family and people associated with the
organization and security. Anyone engaging on the track or even participating statically with the
vehicle shall comply with the rules set out in the registration file. Failure to comply with these rules
will result in immediate exclusion.
It is expressly stated that the annulment of the first event Européan Dragster due to bad weather or
any other cause unrelated to the organization will not lead to a refund.
1- Insurance
Any participant certifies that the vehicle owner is driving, and comply with current regulations. The
driver must be in possession of valid driver's license and his car registration. Any entrant certifies the
validity of his insurance against the risks of damage and civil liability. The participant sign this
disclaimer (Article 7) and thus releases the circuit and the organizers of the manifestation of the
liability arising from the use of his vehicle for all personal injury and / or damage that may result to
himself and third parties.
2-Payment and registration
Participants (vehicle drivers) must have paid their registration at the meeting (see the grid price).
Exclusion the track by the commissioners will not give rise to any refund. The participant may be
excluded by the organizers and its name can be passed in case of serious breach of the FFSA and
A license is required to drive the RWYB. This is to cover the driver.
All drivers of the race must be adherent to the 2015 ATD Racers Club.
3- Organization
There will be no competition. Access to the track will be done by two vehicles at the same time
maximum, on the indications of the marshals. Marshals are judges of fact and are responsible for
enforcing safety rules. Their signs and indications must necessarily be respected on pain of immediate
and permanent expulsion without refund. The commissioners will accept vehicles only after ensuring
that the above provisions are respected. Each participant must before his track access attend the
briefing. The Track Director provides briefings to be held the morning of the meeting. If payment
comes not signed by the driver, or if the latter does not attend the briefing, he will not receive his
numbered sticker which gives access to the track (stuck on the driver's side windshield). It will
therefore be excluded and commitment will have no effect without being entitled to any refund.

4- acceleration and braking zones
The acceleration zone of 400 meters is bounded by ground markings and fluorescent tags next to the
runway. Then comes the braking zone for 800 meters and finally the return zone (taxiway). The
vehicles will return area at a maximum speed of 20 km / h and 10 km in the paddocks.

5- Vehicle condition
On the track, the drivers are required to submit a vehicle in good condition before embarking on the
track, check the status of their brakes, tires and suspension.
The auditors will check the vehicles and if they are not deemed suitable for the track, this will result
in the exclusion of the trial session. The vehicles will be allowed to get back on track once the
discounts made by state.
6- Event
He asked the participants to respect the basic rules of hygiene (garbage bags, health, etc ..). For
safety reasons, glass bottles are prohibited inside the circuit. Participants should closely monitor their
children and pets must be leashed. No pedestrian shall be on the track (except organizers).
I discharge the organizers, owners or operators of the site, from any liability for compensation for
any damage or injury that I may suffer and / or cause of any nature whatsoever, as a material body,
and any capacity either because of the use of my vehicle, runway, and more generally of the site.

Name, first name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ read and approved
the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SIGNATURE

Briefing Pilot
Dear Drivers, members of the teams and
The races organized by the Association Trophée Dragster ATD will want friendly,
respecting fair play and decency, in the greatest tradition of our sport.
You have the duty to respect the organization ATD, officials, the Commissioners of the
FFSA and FFM, and volunteers.
They, like you, enthusiasts who mobilize for the success of the competition.
For the smooth running of the competition and for the respect of the brand image of the
ATD and our partners, we ask you to strictly observe these rules of conduct (not
The garbage bags are available at the door, you should also bring your garbage in
- Out of competition area: driven at walking pace (10 km / h).
- The Pocket Bikes and other noisy and / or dangerous items are prohibited on the site,
including in the paddocks.
- No noise from 22 pm to 8 am.
- Wearing numbered wristbands is mandatory for the driver and his team throughout the
- Pre-screens are only authorized organization, official and emergency and security
- At the call in its class, stand fast in pre-grid. (In pairs already formed in the playoffs).
- Access is granted only to you during your runs with the authorized mechanics.
- Immediately after the run mechanics must immediately evacuate the pre-grid.
-The Courtesy lane is not an obligation but it is courteous to compel it.
- Pilot Briefing required Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 in pre grid.
-All Incident, significant or unusual demand for the race must be communicated to
competitor relations, only person entitled to receive them.

The sponsor stickers are required on vehicles, carefully follow the specifications that you
were given.
-Reminder Categories ET Bracket:
The time should be displayed on the vehicle side timekeeper in figures of a minimum of
8cm above (a suitable specific material is highly recommended)

Look out for this race allowed mini index is 7.5s at 400m

- Oil changes in the paddocks must be on tight tarpaulins (compulsory). You must win your
waste fluids and leave the place clean.
- 1 fire extinguisher approved mandatory in each pit. (Minimum 6 kg) for all categories.
- In all cases, the driver is responsible for his team.
- Any dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior may be sanctioned. This penalty can be up to
immediate disqualification at any time of day or night. This exclusion may be definitive
including for future events organized by the DTA. An exclusion can never justify a refund
of the entry fee or other amounts incurred.
- Remember that the FFSA is our supervisory authority. You must comply with the general
regulations of the FFSA.
- In general be respectful of materials and infrastructure available to you. Any damage,
defilement, voluntary or not, you will require a financial compensation for damage. On
airfield runways, be especially vigilant at airport facilities. (Runway lights, etc ...

Good race!

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