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How I Came To This Theme
Take a look around us, observe our surroundings. The
beautiful green earth, the warm sun, the fresh air, the cool
water. How different each of these are and yet they work
together in harmony and unity to produce the complex world
we live in.
This is what inspired me to make the 4 elements as the
theme for my assignment. The world we live in. Is it not
intriguing that each of these elements are so simple by
themselves and yet when they come together they form such
complex things, and that they are so different and diverse
from each other and yet they come together in unity and
harmony. We humans are always inspired by nature, and so
it holds true for my assignment.
The Event
The event will be held in a hired hall. A closed circular
structure will be set up in the hall. And this structure will be
divided into 4 chambers. Each chamber will represent one of
the four elements. So we will have a fire chamber, water
chamber, air chamber and earth chamber. Each chamber
will be separated by a glass door fitted with sensors for ease
in movement. (refer to the diagram)

In each chamber the decoration will be set up differently.
The menu will also be different and it will be displayed
differently. A buffet style has been employed because this
gives the guests the freedom to choose what they want to
eat as well as giving them the freedom to move around the
chamber as they wish.
When the guests arrive, they will gather outside the
chambers in the hall. They will then enter through the fire
chamber, they will then move on to the water chamber, then
the air chamber and lastly the earth chamber. The guests
will exit from the earth chamber.
In each chamber the guests will experience different
atmospheres as well as different dishes.

Something More…
In my opinion, I feel that having completed the course thus
far, it is only natural that one would gain numerous skills.
And to do justice to these skills one would have to implement
them in everything we do. So, again, it is only natural to
bring forth these skills and apply them in this assignment.
Otherwise, what is the point of having toiled through the
course and learning so much, and then letting these
sprouting seeds die a painful death?
Having learnt how the 5 senses are important in the building
of relationships between man and food, as well as learning
how the environment and surroundings have the power of
stimulating different feelings which ultimately affects our
relationship with food, I tried to bring forth these aspects into
the design of my event.
When entering the chamber, what are your first impressions
and thoughts? How do you feel? When analyzing the food
display, does it increase your appetite? Does it intrigue you?
Does it increase your curiosity? Does it entice you to eat or
does it avert you from tasting the dish? When you take your
first bite, do you feel anything? Does it bring back any
The importance of taking these aspects into consideration is


The Breakdown
Since each chamber will have a different element, I decided
to present each element differently. Each element has been
broken down to 3 sub-headings:
1) interior design
2) table display
3) menu
I also took into consideration that there may be some guests
who are vegetarians, so I tried to plan my menu accordingly.
So the planning for each element is as follows:

When we think of fire we usually associate it with warmth,
light, burning, dangerous, hot, colors of orange, yellow and
red. And I used these associations as my inspiration:
The walls will have a white background with orange and
yellow light shining on it. There will be flame torches placed
randomly around the room, and candles will placed randomly
on the table. Also the temperature of the room will be a bit
warm for a full effect.

The table will be in the form of 3 steps. It will be covered with
red fabric. The first step will display the starters, the second
step will display the main dish and the third step will display
the desserts. Drinks will be placed randomly throughout the

Starters: -sweet and tangy shrimps
- puff pastry cases with chicken tikka filling
Main dish: -spicy barbeque steak
-roasted red/ orange/ yellow bell peppers
stuffed with tomato rice
Desserts: -chocolate lava cake with strawberry praline filling
Drinks: -masala tea
-watermelon juice, grapefruit juice and orange juice

Water has a very relaxing and cooling effect. With water we
associate words and feelings such as refreshing, cooling,
relaxing, calming, blue, purple, aqua, life and vitality. Using
these as inspiration, my design for water chamber is as
The walls will be of white color with dark blue, purple and
aqua blue light shining on the walls. The sound of water will
be heard through speakers (that are hidden). There will be a
fountain placed in the room. The temperature of the room
will be cool.

A stadium-like structure made of glass or Perspex will be
placed on the center of the table, except instead of having 4
sides to the stadium we will only have 3 side, so as to
facilitate in reaching for food items. The middle side of the
stadium will display the main dish and the other two sides
will display the starters. The center of the stadium will
display the desserts. On both ends of the table there will be
an ice sculpture replicating waterfalls. The liquid running
down the waterfall will be juice and there will be bottled
flavored sparkling water around the waterfall. The table will
be a large fish tank.

Starters: -seafood spring rolls
-canapes of smoked salmon and cream with caviar
Main dish: -sea food platter
-seaweed rice with mushroom sauce
Desserts: - blueberry gelatin with custard and fresh cream
-plum and blackberry tartlets
Drinks: -bottled flavored sparkling water
-grape juice

When we think about air and its properties, we usually think
of calmness, peace, white and light grey colors, we think of
cleanliness and purity, winds and breezes. Taking these into
consideration, my design is as follows:
The walls will be white with light grey shading. There will be
white fabric made of light material (eg chiffon) draped on the
walls to give a serene and peaceful environment. There will
be fans (hidden) blowing gently on the fabric to give a breezy
effecrt. There will also be fans (hidden) gently blowing
around the room so as to create a feeling of natural winds.

There will be 3-tiered stands with white silk draped over it to
replicate white snowy mountains, and the main dishes and
starters will be placed on these stands. There will also be
single stands of different heights, either draoed with fabric or
the stands will be made of glass ( whichever gives a better
effect of food items floating in air). The desserts will be
placed on these single stands. There will be fluffs of cotton
on the table to replicate white fluffy clouds and the drinks will
be displayed on these. The whole table will be covered with
white silk.

Starters: -white cauliflower soup
-chicken and mushroom mille-feuille
Main dish: -steamed vegetables with béchamel sauce
-smoked turkey with cauliflower and cream gravy
Desserts: -croquembouche constructed with French
meringue filled with chocolate mousse, and
wrapped around with spun isomalt with
beaded with pearls made from royal icing
- white candy floss
- coconut tart

Drinks: -coconut water
-lychee juice

Earth has a strong connotation of firmness, dark colors such
as brown and black as well as colors such as green and
yellow, it life and vitality, new beginnings, beauty,
confidence, rich in texture, color, smell. My design for this
element is as follows:
The walls will be dark brown in color with yellow and green
light shining on it. There will be fake trees placed randomly
around the room, with mulch made of dead leaves around
the roots of the trees. There will be a strong earthy smell like
wood and soil.

The table will be covered with fake moss. A metal stand in
the shape of a tree will hold the desserts. A sand box will
display the drinks. The starters and main dish will be
presented on pieces of wooden logs.

Starters: -phyllo pastry baskets filled with beetroot and feta
-roasted tomato, potato and carrot kebabs
seasoned with herbs and garlic
Main dish: -raw vegetables platter
-baked potatoes
-chicken barbequed on the wood
Desserts: -strawberries dipped in dark chocolate
-pistachio and mint icecream
- 3 layered mousse (bottom layer - dark chocolate
mousse, second layer - coffee mousse, third
layer - vanilla mousse)
-fresh fruit platter
Drinks: -fruit cocktail juice

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