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Engine Component Damage (UK TPI)(2029773/4)

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Technical product information
Engine Component Damage (UK TPI)

Transaction No.: 2029773/4
Release date: 04-Sep-2012

Customer statement / workshop findings
Poor idle, rough running, knocking noise, lack of power, oil leak, excessive smoke

Technical background
Although areas such as improved fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions are at the
forefront of powertrain development, it is also important to any manufacturer to understand the
reasons behind mechanical engine failure. In all cases, external influences must be considered and
where possible, investigated further.
Where warranty claims are made, please ensure that you assist with on-going quality analysis by
attaching clear images of the failure to a DISS quality report (not technical enquiry unless a reporting
obligation is set).
Once the engine is stripped to the point of understanding the failure, please use the guide below to
help understand what might have been the initial reason for the failure. As such, this guide will ensure
that items that caused the failure are considered prior to installing a new unit – possible fuel quality,
non-approved additives or leaking injector etc.
Care should be taken during each stage of the engine disassembly to ensure that the cause of the
failure is not overlooked – incorrect valve timing for example.
Always ensure that relevant TPIs are referred to when considering specific failures. The following
serves purely as a general guide and does not replace targeted TPIs that outline known damage
causes. It is also a non-exhaustive guide that does not cover every eventuality and scenario

Production change

1.0 Ring Land Fractures

Although this type of damage is often dismissed as a mechanical failure caused by the material itself,
in reality, the material is never the cause.
In order to understand why this type of damage has occurred, there are a few indicators that can help